Listen, nobody’s perfect. It’s those little imperfections that make every person unique and special. Try changing someone’s quirks and eccentricities and you’ll be sure to end up missing the old them. Of course, there’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.

There are a handful of bad habits that do no benefit to emotional or physical well-being however. Here are 5 you should really think about kicking to the curb today.


It wouldn’t be an addiction if it were easy to give up. Instead of of accepting your fate, and sticking with your ten or 20-a-day habit, you can make a change that can help your health. Choosing e-cigarettes from somewhere like over the traditional tobacco products is definitely a step in the right direction. Patches which slow release nicotine can also help reducing your intake gradually. Exercise and healthy eating also create a positive mindset essential to phasing out the smokes.

Excessive Caffeine

We all share a lot of joy in a good cup of coffee, and that’s fine. We’re not saying you should pack in that delicious cup of joe. But, if you start to notice that caffeine is affecting everything from your focus to your sleep, you might want to think about cutting back. The trick here is not to go cold turkey – because it will hurt. Instead, reduce your caffeine by a cup a day and replace coffee with a fruit tea or smoothie to ensure you have a delicious but healthy replacement to enjoy instead. To be avoided at all costs is the excessively sugarised, caffeine loaded energy drinks, which bring nothing to the table except insomnia.

Squeezing Spots

There’s nothing like noticing a giant pimple forming on your face to put you in a funk. If you’re the kind of person that has to pick away and squeeze any spots that pop up, you’ll be the first to admit that it’s a bad habit you wish you could kick. But do you realize that your attacking habit could actually make your skin worse? Instead, try to be more conscious about touching your face and reward yourself with a treat when you manage to go a month without picking or squeezing. You should notice that your skin clears up after a while too.


As a wise man once said, ‘enough is a feast’. It’s important to recognise when you’re full and not go further. Eating slowly, savouring each bite helps your brain catch up with your stomach. If you struggle to resist the temptation when junk food calls, have a healthy snack of piece of fruit to hand. These could be your savior to finding a healthy balance, along with these tips Try to ride out cravings and listen to what your body really wants, not your mind or your emotions.