Trying to think of the right gift for the woman you love can be challenging. It needs to be effortless but impressive, a guaranteed crowd pleaser but also unique and personal. But as a wisewoman may or may not have once said, when there’s lots that can go wrong, there’s also so much that can go right. So, instead of stressing, embrace the opportunity to wow, with these; our 4 IDEAL gifts for the woman you love.


Sure, it’s a cliche, but it’s also a classic gift for reason; it always goes down so well. One excellent gift idea for the woman you love is to buy a piece of jewellery; symbolic of romance or plutonic love equally, and a real sign of care. This doesn’t even need to be a legnthy traipse around shops, afraid to ask the prices of items. Online stores such as often offer a wider variety of beautiful pieces and styles than actual, physical jewellers, and you’ll generally find a better price online, too. Of course, a complete shot-in-the-dark is unwise. Instead, take a look at what she owns and wears the most, so you can narrow down your options and choose items appropriateto her overall style.


Where once, in our teenage years, the mixtape was a great way of showing your skills as a curator and your love for someone, nowaways a carefully put together gift basket of edibles shows the same thought and care. Some gifts to think about including in it are her favourite foods or snacks, wine and even flowers (perhaps not the eat, but rather as a timeless display of affection). You may also want to put in a few self-care products such as bath salts or bombs, and a book you know has been on her reading list. Anything thoughtful and personal is best, we think. 


Remember that not all gifts have to be put in a box and wrapped up. In fact, in the era of collecting memories and not things, the best gifts often aren’t. Another ideal gift for the woman you love, then, is to plan a getaway or trip for the two of you. Logistically, of course, it requires some extra effort, such as drawing up an intinerary and even asking her employers (if she has one) for the time off in advance, but that effort is worth it.


If a full blown holiday is too much of a commitment, consider planning an evening experience instead, such as a date night out on the town with all the trimmings. Make a reservation at a romantic restaurant which you two have fond memories of, and then head to a local spot where you can dance and get lost in the moment. This is an evening she’ll remember and cherish forever and a special time you both can take pleasure in as a couple that’s in love.