The weekend just can’t come soon enough. When that clock strikes five on a Friday afternoon there’s no better feeling than unbuttoning that shirt which has been slowly asphyxiating you all day, or throwing your overalls into the back the van, and tapping the “Home” (or ‘pub near me’, of course) button on your GPS. Perhaps you’ve got a big night out planned with your pals, which will annihilate the rest of the weekend in a single swoop, or you’re catching up with the latest episode Game of Thrones. But for us, this weekend, in an attempt to save our livers and bank balances, it’s a different type of game. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL online games for a rainy day.


Free-to-play and available on all platforms, should you be down with the kids, we’re sure you’ve heard of Fortnite. Don’t let the Americanised spelling put you off, this is an immersive, ingenious game, that’s for sure. Whether you want to ‘squad’ up as a group of four, partner with a pal in ‘duo’ mode, or go it alone in ‘solo’, there’s something for everyone in this critically acclaimed third-person battle-royale shooter.  Besides the fluidity with which the game plays, the innovative building mechanics and endless melange of weapons and items on offer, what makes the game truly stand out is its ever evolving spectacle; each season seems to bring something new to the last. Great stuff.


Or enemies or strangers, for that matter. Prefer to unleash the King’s Gambit or lean more heavily on the Sicilian Defence Dragon’s Variation? If you’re flummoxed by this obscure terminology, it might be time to sharpen up those chess skills. Not only is the great black-and-white board game good for logical thinking, planning skills and foresight, it’s also super relaxing and peaceful. Although we prefer paying lip service to tradition with an ancient board and carefully hand-crafted pieces (note: it looks sophisticated as a living room centrepiece), you can also download apps which pit you against players from all corners of the globe; sociable too then, yet another string to chess’ bow. Perfect for a day indoors, we think.


If you’re feeling lucky, Push Gaming’s Jammin’ Jars could be right up your street.  Wager what you find fit (or play for free, without financial commitment) in this funky fruit frenzy for the chance to win a little pocket money. The premise is simple: click to spin, and be on the lookout for the trademark wild symbol ‘Jam Jars’ which can connect with any fruit and are held in place upon a successful cluster win, initiating a bonus multiplier. As always, it’s important to remember that this isn’t simply a game designed for r’n’r, and in situations like this, gamble responsibly and when the fun stops, stop.


Sometimes the more basic the better, we think. Fight to be the big worm in a small server in this simplistic yet highly entertaining online hit.  The fantastic multiplayer adventure, playable on PC or handheld devices, transports the player into what can only be described as a 2D glow worm battle arena. That sounds like the perfect bit of escapism, right? Direct your worm and either collect the crumbs of food scattered around the map for a little growth spurt, or try to circle around your foes and cause them to crash head first into you to take them out and devour what’s left for a giant mass boost.  Now, although that might sound quite dark and morose, the Snake-esque strikes a great balance between the competitive and cute. Oh yes.