The great British staycation. What was once nae has recently and most affirmatively turned into yay where the question of holidaying at home is concerned. And what better way to experience the countryside at close quarters, to breathe in nature each morning and look deep into the stars at night than from the vantage point of a caravan?

And if you’re thinking about going on a caravanning adventure, we’ve teamed up with Flogas, a top supplier of camping gas bottles to holiday sites across the UK, to bring you 4 IDEAL reasons to get a touring caravan.


Windows rolled down, Springsteen on the radio and nothing but the open road and a sense of endless possibilities in our hearts. Indeed, you get a real sense of freedom and adventure spending those warm, heady summer weeks driving around in a touring caravan. It’s a wonderful way to explore parts of the UK you’re yet to exeprience in an exciting and relatively affordable manner.


If planning is not exactly your forte, and holidays seem to be constantly in the discussion phase, then a touring caravan may suit your perennial procrastination just perfectly. On nothing more than a whim, you can choose to hit the high road and decide on the destination once the aforementioned Bruce is on the stereo and the pedal is very much to the metal. It’s almost as though you’re seconds from a holiday at any time; a wonderful, freewheelin’ feeling. Moreover, people who get bored easily and enjoy seeing new things are brilliantly suited to a touring caravan. Once you’re ready to see a new sight, simply pack up your gear and drive your caravan to a new campsite. 

Psst, hey you rubbish planner! Bear in mind that many caravan sites close and shut down their facilities in the winter, so a little foresight is needed with a touring caravan.


Without wishing to crush the spontaneity with practical considerations, it’s time we talk about money. Generally a touring caravan is cheaper than a static one. What’s more, you won’t have as many ground costs — maintenance and rent for instance — in comparison to a static caravan. It is important to check possible restrictions on keeping your touring caravan in your drive – every council has slightly different rules regarding this. Bear in mind, too, the type of vehicle you own and if it’s strong enough to pull a caravan. Your vehicle will need to have an engine that is powerful enough to tow your caravan, particularly on the ascent. This is an added expense that you may not have considered when first investing in your touring caravan, so you’ll want to do your homework to avoid an unpleasant surprise. 


Gangs with a love of the open road? It’s not a notion solely confined to those in leather jackets with a love of causal violence. Indeed, the caravan community is an inclusive, vibrant affair; you’ll find ‘chapters’ all over the country ready to welcome you in. Such camaraderie means you’ll quickly have an established network of friends in different locations, all up for being your neighbour for the night, sharing a cold beer and stories of all things four wheeled and habitable. Lovely stuff.