Barbeques, garden and roof-top parties, days lounging on the common, craft can clasped; these are the moments we’re looking forward to the most as the t-shirt weather commences. But for those wishing to end their social smoking habit, summer can be a time fraught with temptation. It’s all too easy to spark up in a beer garden when you’re hanging out with friends and the light headed, heavy handed grip of booze and peer pressure takes over.

Well, we’re here to help; think of us as that friend who steers you back onto the path of good reason and health when things are looking to go south in a fog of smoke. So, here are 4 IDEAL ways to avoid social smoking at parties this summer.


Do you mutter the words “I only smoke when I go out”? to no one in particular, in a vain attempt to justify your ‘occasional’ habit.  Do you think you’re not a ‘real smoker’? Get real. It’s time to face the facts; even if you smoke only occasionally when out with friends or just on weekends, you’re still a smoker.

Moreover, if you thing that the odd cigarette with a glass of wine is no big deal, you’re fooling yourself. Every single cigarette you smoke harms your health and puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and cancer than those who don’t smoke. The stats are astounding; researchers from the University of Bristol estimated that over a lifetime, each cigarette takes 11 minutes off your life. 


If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for others. Social smoking means the people you’re with are exposed to both your secondhand smoke (dangerous to anyone who inhales it) and your tedious protestations that you’re not a smoker. When you smoke, you’re not just harming yourself, you’re putting others at risk too.

A tell tale sign; do you notice your non-smoker friends edging away from you when you’ve just had a fag? Just like regular smokers, you’ll still have the smell of smoke in your hair, on your clothes and breath – something that’s not at all pleasant to non-smokers.


You’re at a party and not everyone will be smoking.  So, it’s simple; hang out with the non-smokers. We do however, get it. Enough of playing the responsible adult, we all like to be part of the cool kid crew. If your friends are outside smoking, it’s easy to suffer from FOMO. Nope, that’s not ‘fumo’. We mean ‘fear of missing out’, of course.

If you really want to be part of the smoking crowd, you could do worse than considering vaping. Ongoing research suggests that it’s far less harmful than smoking, and it won’t make you smell of tobacco and tar. We’ve all woken up the morning after spending the previous night in a fog of cigarettes. Don’t get caught short, and resort to standard cigs; remember to bring some rechargeable batteries for your vape pen with you, just incase a few drinks turns into an all-nighter.


Tell people that you’re done with social smoking and implore them to execute some tough love if you ask for a ‘drag on a ciggy’ after a few drinks. They’ll probably be glad you’re not ‘blagging fags’ from them and happy to have an excuse to turn you down. Has it really come to this? Well, yes.