Working from home and having the fridge within reach has been wonderful in many ways; fresh fruit juices, a leftover lasagna from last night for lunch, easy access to our cheese box…yep, this thing’s not been all bad. That said, we hope we’re not alone in having noticed a few of our favourite items are perhaps a little tighter on the waistline than usual. We don’t regret a thing; food has been a great comfort in this time of crisis, giving us anchoring and a sense of purpose in days which have otherwise lacked meaning

That said, should you be keen to lose a few pounds or return to your fighting weight as lockdown lifts, then it’s understandable that you’re seeking new forms of motivation. With gyms not quite back in their groove yet, and socially distanced outdoor sessions lacking that extra push you sometimes long for, we’ve been examining new ways to give us drive and purpose to reach our fitness goals this summer. 

Although feeling healthier and lighter should be its own reward, to boost your motivation a bit more, you may want to check out this video of an Australian weight loss competition winner receiving a $10,000 cash prize from celebrity trainer, Sam Wood.

That’s certainly one way to get motivated! Anyway, such challenges can provide that extra push you need, and with that in mind, here are 4 reasons why a weight loss challenge can help you lose weight.


So, what is the best way to lose weight while staying at home? The truth is, the best way to shed a few unwanted pounds is to be consistent in your habits. This means knowing in advance what your goals are, and what you have to do to achieve them. Randomly dipping in and out of exercise and dieting sporadically isn’t going to achieve anything, and this is particularly true for more drastic interventions, like fasting or any other deeply unhealthy fad diet. Sustainable, stable eating and working out is going to have a far more durable impact. 

You may find that the small steps you embark on to lose weight, considered collectively, spell the difference between gaining weight and losing weight for the long term, as they’re easier to maintain. Entering a weight loss competition online gets you in a mindset of everyday, incremental improvement rather than something sudden and ill considered. Getting in that weight loss groove, therefore, is a healthier, more holistic approach to things.

Rear view of active woman with dumbbell


A weight loss challenge can help keep you accountable because you generally have an exercise and diet plan to follow, led by someone with a deep and adaptable knowledge of nutrition and working out with weight management goals in mind.  

If you break the weight loss pattern by deviating from the exercise and diet plan, you’ll disclose this to the group, and the sense of accountability can discourage further deviation from your plan. Should you slip up, as is only sometimes inevitable, your peers will be the ones to pick you up, dust you down and motivate you to get back on track so that you can eventually lose that excess weight and reach your goals.


Generally, these challenges provide a support group or community for those who sign up to share their weight loss goals with each other, and this can be hugely motivating to you to achieve your goals. Sharing weight loss goals with group members also fosters a healthy spirit of competition within the group; the perfect mix of support and rivalry required to meet your targets, we think. 

Since your progress is being recorded, other members can help identify when (and more importantly, why) you’ve deviated from progressing towards your weight loss goals. This sense of pooled expertise and shared experience is invaluable here, and so much easier than doing things alone.


Most challenges have different workout options that target different areas of the body to promote a more overall, all encompassing set of workout goals. Indeed, the most important part of working out, and the one which keeps your eyes on the prize and your mind focused, is that it should be fun and enjoyable. If you consider working out to be monotonous, then a change-up in your motivation is essential. It’s easy to get discouraged, but a competitive angle and a wide variety of different workouts can dash that sense of drudgery and make your daily dieting and exercise something you genuinely look forward to, instead.


If you find it hard to lose weight on your own, or you are struggling to find new and appropriate motivation to address the new normal, you might want to join a weight loss competition online to motivate yourself to get started. To do this right, you need to be aware of what your present weight is, then embark on a program of diet and exercise that’ll last at least 8 weeks, so you have a good chance of winning. Of course, it’s in the journey, not the destination, that the fulfilling work occurs, and with enough motivation and support, this could be a really rewarding challenge.

Always remember that a sustainable approach to dieting and weight management is key. Drastic interventions rarely work, but rather a healthy, holistic approach sees results which actually last.


Joining a weight loss challenge can have several benefits, allowing you to stay accountable to your peers and receiving their motivation on your weight loss journey. The group and any assigned trainers will help you identify why you stopped progressing at a particular phase of your weight loss plan, and will help you redress the balance. They can even join you for fun workouts which help you double down on the motivation and make hitting your targets more achievable. Good luck!