We know what you’re thinking. The tree’s barely up, the food baby isn’t even conceived yet, and we already have to think about 2019? Give us a break. We want excess and indulgence first! But a little foresight, at times like this, makes the always bleak and barren January a little more manageable when it comes around. With that in mind, here are 4 steps to becoming your IDEAL self in 2019.


After all that super-sized Christmas feasting, many feel like they’ll never look at a mince pie or roast potato quite the same way again. Or simply look the same way again, we might add. As such, January is traditionally a time of pledges in the name of less food and more exercise. And while some may scoff at needing a date on a calendar to enact some positive change in life, whatever works to encourage a healthier you shouldn’t be sniffed at.

If you’ve been overdoing the heavy, high in fat foods (which seems to happen with more frequency over the Christmas period) you’ll know that feelings of sluggishness and low energy usually follow. Some simple changes to your diet will get you back on track, feeling energetic and looking radiant. One easy way to take control of your diet and save time is to look at getting diet food delivered, enabling you to fashion healthy meals without the hassle of a dash around the aisles.


In conjunction with eating better, an effort at being more active and taking a little time out to exercise each day is the surest way to take control of your 2019. It needn’t be a huge commitment, an expensive gym membership and hours in there; even just doing these ten minute workout routines each day could be the difference between lethargy and lively. Do whatever you can, in terms of time and physical output, as every little really does help when talking about training.


Although it might seem hard in January, traditionally a month of maximum negativity, financial worry and general pessimism, adopting a positive outlook is one of the best ways to start the year on track. Taking steps to transform your outlook on life couldn’t be easier, and you’ll likely find that making a proactive effort to focus on your happiness will bring benefits.

Start by getting a calendar for the new year and making a plan of what you want to achieve in 2019, and setting yourself deadlines and tasks to complete. Think about where you want to see yourself in career and in your personal life and then work backward through all the things you need to do to get there. Equally important for a balanced, optimistic mindset is meditation and mindfulness. Practice them with enthusiasm to allow your brain room to breathe.


Countless studies have shown that being kind, polite and thoughtful serves not only to raise the mood of the recipient, but also boosts our own sense of well being. Say please and thank you often, pay compliments, remind people you love them and smile at strangers. It only takes a moment, but the positive vibes last for much longer.