We’re constantly bombarded with health advice – quit this, reduce that, do this more or die…. – and while worthwhile, it’s sometimes too much to take in, let alone actually put into practice. There are, however, a number of small-scale changes we can all make to our routine which can have big-scale benefits in the long run. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 IDEAL routine changes which are manageable, easily factored into your day and highly beneficial to achieving healthy piece of mind.


Working out need not be confined to the tedium of the gym. Sure, it’s a great way to keep fit, but even the smallest of workouts can yield tremendous benefits. It needn’t even be termed as ‘exercise’, as long as the body is moving, it starts combating stress and uplifts your mood. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Leave the car in the drive and walk to the shops. Take a stroll every hour away from your computer in the office. Consider a wake-up ritual – do 25 jumping jacks before you first leave your bedroom in the morning. All in all, don’t feel the only way to keep on top of your exercise is an expensive, time consuming gym membership.


Straightforward, highly beneficial yet often neglected, simply switching a button before you sleep can greatly improve your physical well-being. Sleep is a time to unwind, destress and process the events of the day. You don’t want a drunk call from your ex disturbing that process in the middle of the night. A deep sleep is far greater than you might imagine, and having it disturbed is highly detrimental to your health. Also, lots of devices have built in the option to turn on night mode automatically based on screen brightness or time of day. Night mode changes the colours of the screen to make them more yellow at night, this makes the screen look less glaring and is meant to make it easier for you get to sleep after looking at your phone.


Although living in an age of the digitally clued-up and savvy, many neglect the internet as the greatest resource of health information and assistance. We are now able to check symptoms, find our nearest clinic, check reviews and user comments on health services, and share health experiences and provide support on forums. Make sure the website is reputable and trustworthy – of course – nhs.co.uk is the best place to start. Checking out topdoctors.co.uk can also be useful if you are part of a private health care plan.


We all drink a little water each day, but drinking more can be highly beneficial to our livers, our metabolism and much more. Keeping quenched can help your skin keep hydrated, giving you a youthful glow no amount of beauty products can. Rather than downing pints of it before bed, just make a concerted effort to have a cup each time you pass the water cooler at work, and have a jug of water at the table during meal times. Nothing drastic, nothing financially or time consuming, just simple, common sense.


Replace sugary snacks with fruit. It’s equally sweet but also provides the body with untold riches of nutrition, minerals and more. Once you’ve weaned yourself off the crisps, biscuits and chocolate, you’ll find fruit tastes even more colourful and vibrant. You’ll wonder why you didn’t adjust your routine earlier – we are all creatures of habit and a little push goes a long way in improving our physical well-being.


Are you constantly sneezing at home?  One of the biggest causes of allergies are dust mites. Obvious ways to limit the number of mites in your home include using allergy-proof covers on mattresses, duvets and pillows, washing your sheets weekly and cleaning everyday. However, if your suffering becomes severe, think about redecorating. Fitting roller blinds that can be easily wiped clean or choosing leather, plastic or vinyl furniture instead of upholstered furniture can help reduce your allergies and make a huge difference to your everyday routine. Plus it gives you an excuse to go shopping.