Few places enthral quite like Lanzarote. Nestled within the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is famed for its extensive, sweeping beaches and consistent hot, summery weather. Most of all though, it’s well known as a geological marvel, with 300 volcanic cones (it’s nicknamed the Land of Volcanoes), breath-taking landscapes and sweeping valleys.

Of course, there’s much to do away from the natural world too, with bars, restaurants and good vibes aplenty. If you’re wondering how best to fill your days on the island, then read on; our 5 IDEAL Lanzarote itinerary items.


César Manrique, an architect, activist and Lanzarote’s most famous son, has well and truly left his mark on the island – in the best possible way. Any trip here should involve (deliberately or inadvertently) taking in some of his work, as it forms the backbone of most of the main tourist attractions around.

The Jameos Del Agua, a remnant cave network of a dormant volcanic tube which has now been complemented with lush, green gardens quaint pools and a fully flourished museum, is perhaps the most well known. It’s this juxtaposition of stillness and calm with a more fully flourished, vibrant setting that defines the cherished architect’s worked. This one really needs to be seen to be believed.


Puerto Del Carmen serves as the main tourist hub on the island, so if you’re keen to get stuck into some local delicacies and maybe even a cheeky drink or two ‘on the strip’, then this is the place to do it.

Let’s talk about the food. ‘Wrinkled’ potatoes are ubiquitous in restaurants here; delicious too, and don’t let the name put you off. They’re simply boiled in very salty water until their skin wrinkles and served with a glorious, spicy ‘mojo’ dipping sauce. As with any island with a self-respecting food culture, seafood is big news; anything cooked a la plancha (a metal plated grill) is guaranteed to be good, but we’ll usually order octopus (pulpo) if it’s on the menu. Once your hunger is sated, hit the bars. Jester’s is the island’s rowdiest and latest-closing, but for a more refined affair, check out Santai Marina Lounge.


Seeing as they’re the most famous inhabitant of the island, it’s only fair to show Lanzarote’s volcanoes some love while you’re here. At Timanfaya National Park, you can embark on camel rides that chart a course right the way across the volcanoes. Fear not, the volcanoes have lain dormant since 1824 – the camels are pretty docile, too – and are in no danger of erupting anytime in the near future.


The Canary Island’s northern tip is home to a hugely impressive cafe which was carved into the summit of a 474-metre high cliff to impress guests. This should certainly be part of your schedule. Another of Manrique’s influences that remain today, titled the Mirador Del Rio, it’s a spectacle and a half, with fantastic, panoramic views to admire while you refresh and replenish.


Playa Blanca is Lanzarote’s southernmost town, and home to the best beaches on the island. Time to soak up some rays and have a dip we think; just don’t spend too much time in the water or you’ll come out looking like those papas arrugadas we mentioned earlier. The beach of the same name as the town (literally translating as White Beach) is a good place to start, but also check out Playa Flamingo and Dorada to keep things interesting.


Holiday’s needn’t be spent at full throttle for their entirety. It’s important to use the time to recharge your batteries too. Lanzarote has accommodation options to suit every budget, from autonomous villas to luxury hotels, or even hostels if you’re on a tighter budget. They’re all easily found through Villa Plus, helping you discover the very best accommodation that the Canary Island has to offer.

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