International Waffle Day is tomorrow, and all across the country people are dusting off their waffle makers, carefully clarifying butter, and greasing them up in anticipation of the big day.

But wait, what? You don’t own a dedicated waffle maker? And you don’t have the wherewithal to leaven batter specifically for the task? Did we hear you say that you believe the inherent joy of a good waffle is that sense of indulgence best brought out by having them made for you, by a professional? Well, that makes all of us. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL places to eat waffles in London.


If you’re looking for an instagrammable dessert to raise the likes and draw in the follows, then this semi-spherical sensation from Bubblewrap Waffle will get you some serious double tap action. Inspired by a Hong Kong street food favourite known as gai daan jai, this China Town confectioner has created something strange but strangely familiar, too.

Instead of the regular waffle grid, the hot plate is an interconnected hive of sphere shapes and when the batter goes in, the waffle comes out looking a bit like bubblewrap, only edible and not as noisy. The waffle is shaped into a cone and filled with everything from oreo cookies to matcha gelato. Although savoury options are available, it’s all about the sweet stuff here for us. 

Address: 24 Wardour St, London W1D 6QJ, UK


Serving waffles in London’s Maltby Street Market, Waffle On has been pleasing Londoners and tourists alike for over half a decade. If you can’t resist the smell of those belgium waffle stalls at markets, then you won’t (and shouldn’t) be able to resist Waffle On. For us, the bacon, egg and maple syrup is a particular favourite, the runny egg yolk coating a crunchy, salty sweet waffle which is as close to dirty food nirvana as we’ve come.

Address: 41 Maltby Street-Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA, UK


Chicken and waffle is served all over town these days, but we’re in the game of picking favourites, so favourites we’ll pick. It has to be Red Rooster, and we have chef and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson to thank for bringing his renowned Harlem restaurant to Shoreditch. In doing so, the hippest corner of the capital now has his legendary fried chicken and waffles served with pickles, hot honey and Rooster sauce, as their go to dish. People of East London, rejoice!

Address: 45 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3PT, UK

© Red Rooster Facebook


The younger sister of Balham’s perennially hip brunch spot, Milk, and catering to South London’s cool crowd, this cafe offers seasonal sourdough bread end waffles. Nope, we’re not sure what that means either but there is one thing we are sure about; they’re bloody delicious. Think waffles with kumquat, bergamot posset, lemon and sancho pepper curd, and thyme caramel, or one with a pink grapefruit and tarragon fruit salad, jersey cream and brown butter tuile. Though that may sound convoluted, the taste and texture is delivered with precision.

Address: 110 Mitcham Rd, London SW17 9NG, UK


This waffle franchise, who have locations all over the world, spent 5 years perfecting their secret recipe which uniquely uses dough not batter. They offer sweet and savoury American waffle options alongside their signature liege offerings but of course if the paradox of choice strikes you, you could have both. The toppings and accompaniments aren’t perhaps as inventive as the other waffle slingers on our list, but sometimes the classics are just that for a reason. Comfort food at it’s finest, we think.

Various London Locations