Online gaming has been a favourite way to unwind and have fun ever since the word ‘online’ was invented. But for many who have perhaps grown up, got busy with more mundane stuff, or simply had their heads turned by other pursuits, just don’t realise what they’re missing. The game has changed! 

Indeed, they may not be aware that this sector is currently going through some of the most exciting improvements in its history. These are those; our 5 IDEAL recent developments in online gaming


To say that online gaming technology has advanced leaps and bounds would be an understatement. You no longer have to develop repetitive strain injury by constantly hammering buttons or wiggling your joystick to enjoy your favourite video games; a smart move by designers wanting loyalty and more plays. Intel RealSense technology is one of the latest developments. This uses a 3-D camera to track your hand movements so that you can control and interact with the game through physical gestures, making you feel more fully in the moment and allowing more subtle actions and quicker reaction times.

Similarly, voice recognition technology is now making its way into online gaming, so you can simply tell your character what to do, and then do it they will. Next up is facial recognition technology, which will let you create a playable character in the virtual online gaming world who looks exactly like you. The possibilities, it seems, are endless.


Improved graphics and high-definition displays are definitely getting people to look at online games with new eyes. We’ve gone from 8-bit to 1080p in just a few years, and gaming has never looked this good. Untill next week, when it will look even better.

Up next is Ultra 4K gaming which, with the right graphics cards, has the power to push the visual element all the way into the stratosphere. Right now, not many of us can afford 4K laptops or TV sets, but prices are coming down all the time, and it won’t be long before Ultra 4K is standard. In the meantime, enjoy the already unprecedented visual richness of the games we’ve got.


Casino gaming might be nothing new, but it’s currently bigger and brighter than ever thanks to technological advances and the ingenuity of designers and developers. One of the things helping casino gaming appeal to a younger, hipper crowd is the use of cryptocurrencies. This makes playing for money safer and easier than ever, as not only are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin more convenient for online transactions, they’re also highly resistant to fraud. Check out the best bitcoin gambling website to better understand the boosted security of this form of transaction.  


Virtual reality has been the next big thing for so long now that many of us have got tired of waiting for it to arrive. But the truth is, it’s already here, and prototype VR gaming headsets are already providing fully immersive gaming worlds. In the next few years, the technology is set to both improve and become more affordable, and the era of true VR gaming is genuinely almost upon us.

In the meantime, the use of wearable tech and augmented reality (AR) is further blurring the lines between our physical environment and the gaming universe. We can already fully interact with many game worlds, but the best thing about VR will be when we can use it to create our own complex, fully immersive environments rather than passively interacting with someone else’s. The sky is no longer the limit: it’s time to reach for the stars.


Playing online games has never been so easy and convenient. Where once you might have been limited to the likes of Candy Crush Saga, smartphone tech is now sophisticated enough to support the most complex games. These can be played online on your daily commute, waiting for a flight or wherever you happen to be when you feel like escaping into a game for a while. Improved streaming capabilities mean that gaming on demand is likely to become much more commonplace, and many online games are already available to play whenever you want them. Thanks to cloud technology, the future for in-depth, sophisticated gaming is definitely online, as developers are no longer limited by the memory space available on a disc, console or PC.