Working lunches are inevitable and sometimes unavoidable. Nobody likes to forfeit their down-time during a working day, but there are ways you can make the situation a little more productive. We’ve teamed up with the team at WorkSpott, who are revolutionising the way people work by creating co-working spaces around London, to bring you these; our 5 IDEAL tips for a more productive working lunch.


Hey, it sounds so simple, there must be a catch. Well, unless it’s bucketing it down we don’t think there is. Go outside – if you’re spending the majority of the day stuck in an office and now you face the prospect of working through your lunch too, try spending the midday meal outside while you continue to work. This can give you a break, some fresh air and a change of scenery which will help to make you feel more productive – weather permitting, of course.


If you have some important work to continue through your lunch hour, chances are, you’re not alone. Capitalism sleeps for no one. Co-working spaces can be great motivationally; you’re surrounded by (in the nicest possible way) likeminded people – hardworking, professional, creative – in the same situation, and this will make get you inspired and colloborative, rather than hiding away alone with a salad.


You may feel like you are being more productive by working non-stop through your lunch break, but it’s sadly not the case. Allowing yourself to switch off even for just five minutes during your lunch and continuing with the work afterwards can help you re-energise andyour brain to return to the task at hand in a more motivated fashion.


It’s all too easy to grab something ready-made and quick so you can get back to work in a flash. But it’s far more beneficial to prepare your meal in advance, or at least make a more healthy choice if it’s last minute, to ensure you feel more refreshed rather than sluggish from a heavy, unhealthy meal. Because several processed, convenient meals quickly add up, financially and physically.


Even with non-stop work to complete, it’s important to get away from your desk and
walk around a little. Try and tailor your lunch break tasks so you’re not chained to a desk –perhaps you have a few phone calls you can make during your working lunch on speakerphone so you can walk around the room whilst speaking and stretch your legs. Every little helps, after all.