If you’ve ever forgotten to send a friend’s birthday card or to ship an item you’ve sold on eBay, you’ll understand the panic involved when it comes to sending parcels overseas at the last minute. But with so many different delivery options now available, it’s easier than ever before to send something abroad for same day delivery. Here’s some advice for all the last minute senders out there:.


The first thing to do when sending a parcel abroad for same day delivery is to check whether or not your package includes anything that could be prohibited in the country it’s heading to. With international customs being different in each country, it always pays to check the customs regulations before posting to prevent any unwanted delays. If unsure, check the country’s official website where you should be able to find a list of prohibited items.


Sending parcels internationally means there much more opportunity for the parcel to get damaged whilst in transition. Ensuring that your parcel is secure is the first thing to do properly. A cardboard box tends to make the best packaging, be sure to use a box that’s a similar size to the of the item you’re wanting to send so that there’s less room for it to move around inside. The best things to fill a box out with include screwed up newspaper, bubble wrap and old clothes to prevent any unwanted knocks which could cause damage.



Should there be any additional queries or questions to be resolved when your parcel reaches its desired country, clearly having the contact details of both the sender and the recipient means that any issues can be ironed out asap. This ensures your parcel doesn’t encounter any unnecessary delays. Bear in mind, some countries won’t deliver without the correct phone number for the recipient.


The best way to guarantee same day delivery overseas is by using a reputable and experienced courier service. A company like TNT handle urgent same day deliveries every single day and can ensure that your package will arrive there the very same day on time and in great condition.

By following this advice, you’ll not need to worry should you leave sending a parcel to the last minute ever again.