Summer is fast approaching, and it’s all suns out, shades on, best side forward from here on in. As such, you’re likely to be thinking about getting that ‘summer body’ ready.

You’re probably being bombarded with ads right now about ‘how to get that perfect beach body’, but rather than raising anticipation for the summer, your body anxiety is instead in danger of reaching an all time high. It’s therefore understandable you’re thinking about going on a diet, however weight loss shouldn’t be purely for cosmetic reasons and diets shouldn’t just be for summer.

As Clinical Nutritionist, Suzie Sawyer, ‘it’s not about going on a diet; it’s about finding a realistic plan that’s sustainable for YOU!  Plus ensuring that you’re still getting the required nutrients to keep the body functioning and full of energy”. With this in mind here are 5 IDEAL ways to approach weight loss in a sustainable way.


As mentioned above, weight loss shouldn’t be purely for cosmetic reasons.  Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about good health. By focusing on superficial reasons alone for weight loss, you’re going about dieting the wrong way. Instead, try to focus on healthy habits for enjoyment and wellbeing rather than weight loss. Why? Research shows you’re more likely to stick to lifestyle changes and stave of weight sustainably by embracing this mindset.


When it comes to shedding those pounds, everyone wants to do it quickly (i.e unsustainably). Enter fad diets, many of which require you to starve yourself. However, by doing this, you’ll slow down your metabolism. When a person suddenly crash diets, restricting the number of calories they eat, the body goes into starvation mode by lowering the body’s metabolism, thus storing fat instead of burning it off. To lose weight, you’ve got to keep your metabolism alive and one of the best ways to increase your metabolism is by exercising. 

While fad diets are bad, most of us do need a little kick start. So if you need an extra boost to get you started on your weight loss journey, you could consider something like the Isagenix 30 Day program. Unlike many other meal replacement shakes, it’s specifically designed to help you get started on your weight loss journey and achieve your goals through balanced everyday nutrition with sustainability in mind.


Do you tend to lose motivation and push your trainers to the back of your wardrobe? You’re not alone…Exercise is hard work. It’s time consuming, you get sweaty and often your body will ache and if you don’t enjoy it then what’s the point right? Well for one, it will help you lose weight and keep it off. Moreover, study after study shows that there’s a direct relationship between exercise and happiness.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing it can make exercise a real slog and just because a workout programme promises to deliver exactly the results you’re after doesn’t mean it will be right for you. You’re much better off doing something you enjoy and look forward to, and you’ll be more likely to keep it up. Whether you’re more at home swimming lengths at the local leisure centre, dancing in a zumba class or you prefer to go miles for miles on a treadmill,  whatever it is – make sure you enjoy it!


We all know that to lose weight you’ve got to eat right. But if you’ve been living on a carbolicious and sugar-laden diet full of foods that you love and are addicted to, it may take a little time to wean yourself of them. However, you don’t just have to eat boring lettuce, celery sticks and bland broccoli to have a healthy diet. Indeed there are so many delicious foods out there that are healthy and damn delicious at the same time. The trick is to find healthy foods that you like and to lead a balanced diet. Bear in mind this could take time, but once you found what you like, those unhealthy foods that you once loved much will soon be forgotten about.


Speaking of taking time, if you set restraints and give yourself a limited time frame to lose those pounds, then your weight loss plan is already unsustainable. Indeed, dieting for only a limited time and crash dieting rarely works. Often these diets are too extreme to sustain and people lose motivation at the first hurdle. Moreover, as soon as you hit your goal , come off the diet and start eating ‘normally’ again’  your bound to pile back on those pounds (see above point on metabolism). If you want to lose weight and keep it off then you’ve got to change your approach to dieting and realise it takes time and should be an ongoing commitment, not just a season or special occasion.