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Use these tips and get a perfect photogenic smile every single time!

A lot of people aren’t naturally photogenic and I’m definitely one of them. If a camera so much as points in my direction, I suddenly freeze up and the most unnatural forced smile spreads across my face – cringe!

And now, with selfies and instant photo sharing an everyday occurrence, unless I want to be haunted by bad photos documenting the rest of my life, it’s time to learn how to pose for the camera and perfect a photogenic smile.

So for my fellow camera-challenged comrades, here are 5 tips for a photogenic smile that will have you looking camera-worthy in no time at all…

Practice makes Perfect

We have all heard the saying that practice makes perfect – well it’s true.  Pose in front of the mirror or better yet use your camera’s self-timer and start practicing your smile. One big part of being photogenic comes with feeling comfortable and the more you practice your smile, the more natural and comfortable it will feel. So loosen up, try different poses and smiles, and pretend that someone is snapping your picture.

Love your teeth

Simple dental care habits are one of the most important elements for a great photogenic smile. A great teeth whitening tip is to make sure you visit a dentist and hygienist regularly and have your teeth professionally cleaned. It’s the best way to make sure your ‘pearly whites’ look great in front of the camera, and more importantly are healthy.

Lipstick is your friend

The right shade of lipstick can make your teeth look whiter. Shades like cherry red, wine, plum and rosy pink are the best colours to go for, however make sure you choose a shade that works with your skin tone. Another trick is to try applying a lip liner and gloss on your lips and then to use a light concealer around the outer border of your lips.  This will make your lips appear fuller for an even more dazzling smile.

Know your angle

Finding your go-to angle is a must. Some angles work for some people and others, not so much. Most people don’t have a perfectly symmetrical faces, so the trick is to figure out the angle which works for you. Once you’ve worked out your best angle, show it off by turning your head slightly so your face is not completely square to the camera.

Work with what your mama gave ya!

You don’t need perfect teeth to have a fantastic camera worthy smile – just look at Georgia May Jagger. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the key to looking great in any picture