2019’s first month is nearly at an end. We’re readying the shots of tequila, firing up the barbeque and tearing up our gym membership. Resolutions have been and gone, and it’s back to square one. A new focus for February is very much needed, now our annual obsession with abstinence has been indulged and abandoned.

After all this focus on your body’s interior, perhaps it’s time for a little domestic regeneration instead. We’re not saying you need to get out there and spend a fortune; sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. With this in mind, here are 6 IDEAL ways to give your home decor a refresh.


Renovation and rejuvenation can cost a lot, in both money and time. This is all about doing things quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. So forget the hassles of wallpapering; instead, painting all or just one of your walls can really change up the space. Not only is it easy on your wallet, but it’s also not going to eat into much more than a day of your precious time. If you’ve always stuck to fairly neutral tones or darker palettes, why not add a splash of colour by making the daring decision to go bright and bold?


Old and worn-out sofas can really put a dampener on an otherwise sophisticated room, but if you don’t want to undergo the huge expense of buying new furniture, there is another cheaper alternative to consider. You could purchase replacement sofa cushions and give your armchair or sofa a brand-new look. There are hundreds of fabric options out there to choose from, allowing you to coordinate things succinctly with your existing interior.


No, we’re not suggesting chucking some pillows at the wall in a fit of pique.

Throw cushions are a simple, decorative touch which also add extra comfort and texture to a bed or sofa. You could add a pop of colour to a one-tone sofa or armchair by styling it out with some added pillows. Opt for a selection of colours and patterns and display them randomly across the chair for a contemporary feel.


Don’t underestimate the power of lighting, as it has the ability to add life and a sense of positivity to the home. Lighting can draw the eye to certain parts of the room; for example, towards a particular ornament or piece of art that you want guests to admire. Likewise, the correct form of lighting can also add a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold and dark space.


A mirror is an ideal way of incorporating further natural light into your living space, as the sun’s rays will reflect and make the room feel bigger and brighter. Not only that, but a mirror will also add depth to a flat wall and can be used as a feature piece on plain backgrounds. If you want your mirror to act as a statement piece within your decor, choose one with a thick or brightly-coloured frame.


When it comes to adding new accessories to the room, it isn’t necessarily about opting for the most flamboyant piece, but more so, how you can use accessories as a focal point without the room looking like, well, a mess. One way to avoid the dreaded clutter would be to group the accessories together in threes, fours or fives to make more of a statement; rather than individually and spread out across the room.