IDEAL for keeping those locks long and luscious.

Take one hard look at the Oscars red carpet or your latest edition of OK! and tell us what you see? Yep, everyone’s looking pretty damn flawless on our screens and in our magazines. Allow us to let you into a secret; a lot of work, money and wizardry has gone into keeping the world’s celebs young, vital and blemish free.

And nowhere is this truer than in their luscious locks; all kinds of tips and tricks are employed to ensure no hair is out of place. With that in mind, here are some celeb secrets; their 5 tips on how to prevent hair loss, IDEAL for keeping those locks long and luscious.


Ah, the old makeover trick, the oldest one in the book. Widespread and beloved long ago, when King Arthur and Charlemagne were the most famous faces on the planet, and popular ever since.

Yep, a trick as old as time itself, this; if you’re facing a hair loss issue, simply divide and distract with a dramatic change in look. Having a makeover on any bald patches or simply styling out your look with a hat or combover has long been the preferred method of hair loss ‘prevention’ by those in the know. Go figure.


Let’s be honest, we started off a bit silly there. Allow us to get down to business, this is no laughing matter; prevention is better than cure, and nowhere is this truer than in the hair loss department. Before a problem begins, it’s important to manage all those lifestyle aspects which may cause hair loss in the first place. 

It might be surprising to learn that the best way to keep your hair healthy and fulsome places no emphasis on the scalp, but rather, what you put in your mouth. As with every aspect of your health, a decent, well rounded and varied diet is key to keeping your hair looking voluptuous and vibrant. And yep, you guessed it, an unhealthy diet may lead to a thinning of your locks.

Protein is particularly good for promoting hair growth, since hair is made of the stuff; it’s even been said that low protein diets can lead to hair loss. So, make sure you include plenty of white meat and fish, as well as eggs and dairy in your diet. Legumes, nuts and even broccoli can provide the requisite protein if you’re vegan. 

Also fill your shopping basket with food containing antioxidant properties, such as berries, oranges and sweet potato. Finally, omega 3 does wonders for your hair, so oily fish, as well as avocado and walnut should be featuring heavily in your diet. Of course, if you’re a celebrity, expensive supplements and treatments are more easily accessible, but we can all fork out for a few eggs and lentils, right?


Celebrities, with all that time spent in the spotlight, tend to seek instant solutions. As such, one of the most popular methods of hair loss prevention is PRP Injection Treatment. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss uses a three-step treatment, involving scalp injections. More generally used to aid healing injury issues such as injured tendons, muscles or ligaments, PRP is now also being used in the world of hair renewal. 

Once a person takes proper sessions of this injection for hair loss treatment, it is said to effectively last for about 6-12 months. It’s been widely reported that Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, amongst others, favour such injections, though not necessarily for hair. What is necessary, though, is thorough, diligent research before going under the needle.


The hair products you use on your hair also play a huge role in either thickening or thinning those locks over time, and dermatologists and hair professionals recommend a variety of shampoos and conditioners which can help in the fight against hair loss.  

Though no formula exists – not even in the celebrity world – to actively encourage hair growth, products with anti-fungal properties can arrest the speed somewhat; look out for ketoconazole in the ingredients list. With some studies citing hair loss as being linked to Vitamin B7 and zinc deficiency, also seek out shampoos which contain biotin. Finally, it’s also been suggested (though nothing is conclusive at this stage) that caffeine in your hair products can prevent hair loss; probably why they drink so much coffee on Friends.


A last resort, perhaps, but one with acknowledged success stories in the media and certainly not as drastic as it was once considered. Indeed, if your hair loss is causing self-confidence issues, which in turn are affecting your relationships or your work, then cosmetic surgery could be the answer. These days, the technology has advanced leaps and bounds, with a variety of interventions now used, including grafting hair follicles from the back of the head onto the scalp, or the more modern use of laser technology to stimulate hair growth. 

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