Who said a career in plumbing was just for men? There’s not only a place for women in this trade, according to Pretty Plumbing there’s even a unique niche in the market for them too, especially among women who live alone.

If you’re a woman thinking about starting a career, or maybe changing the one you currently have think about plumbing as a path worth following.

There are plenty of reasons why this is a good idea for many people, though like all career paths, it isn’t going to be suitable for everyone. We asked the guys from a well known Northamptonshire plumbing company to run through the pros and cons of a plumbing career.

The Pros

Financially Rewarding

Plumbing can be an incredibly lucrative career. If you know your stuff, can work quickly and most importantly effectively, you can make upwards of £50,000 per year just as a run of the mill one man band. Working for a company will be a bit less, perhaps £35,000 per year, though less money you have no expenses that you have to make up to actually get the work, like web marketing and also running costs of vans, tool maintenance etc.


There is a massive demand for skilled and reliable plumbers, both from employers as well as from the public at large, (should you be thinking about setting yourself up as self employed). Work is always available so investing in advertising and putting your name about should always come up with a steady stream of work. Content marketing and other digital marketing routes are very popular nowadays..


If you have set yourself up as a self employed plumber, the possibility for growth and expansion is huge. As explained in the two points above, there is massive demand for skilled plumbers as well as good money available to entice them in to work for you. It is always a nice feeling to be involved in an industry that is constantly in need for your services.

The Cons


You really need to be Gas Safe Registered, which can be expensive with regards to both training and certification. You also need to spend the time to learn the craft properly. General averages would say at least 4 years to know the industry well enough to be relied upon as being safe and experienced enough to do a good job. That can be too much time for many people.


There are many hazards plumbers have to contend with and be aware of. Things like asbestos, (that can lead to horrible cancers like Mesothelioma), can be found in many buildings where plumbers work. Gas as well needs to be mentioned as any errors around it could lead to the plumbers or the client’s loss of life. Tools and other work paraphernalia need to be managed effectively too so that other people are not injured. It goes without saying that you will need to be insured well to do the job.  


Reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy. Any simple slip up, mistake, or job done poorly due to a bad day, can destroy yours or your employer’s reputation. This can be difficult to take if the error involved was silly. Nowadays with the social media and upteen online review sites, it is easier than ever for clients to leave reviews or inform friends and family of a service they were unhappy with, whether you’re local plumbers North London or sparkies from Glasgow. For those who are maybe haven’t got a good attention to detail or do not have the stamina to maintain high levels of skilled work and customer service, this job may not work out so well for you over the long term.

To Conclude

Like any career, not everyone will be able to make a success of being a plumber. With the cost and time involved in training to be a skilled and trusted plumbing engineer, you need to ask yourself are you the sort of person that will be able to justify that time and expense by staying the course and keeping your earned reputation in tact. There are physical demands and health and safety awareness that need to also be part and parcel of your armoury. The rewards, though, can be amazing, with the chance to run your own successful business within an in demand industry being a big enough reward to make everything else worth doing to get it.