Anyone who has been in sales for any length of time knows that there are certain tricks of the trade that lead to conversions. Once upon a time this was specific to foot traffic in a physical brick and mortar storefront but in this age of technology, it is all about online conversions which are even ‘trickier’ because you aren’t face to face with a customer. You can’t gauge their reaction to a pitch and you certainly can’t stick your foot in the door like the travelling salesman who won’t let it shut in his face before pitching his product. So what can you do? Why are so many businesses having trouble with conversions? Here are a few of the leading reasons why.


This is probably the last one you would ever think of but it is one of the leading detriments to conversions. The problem with many websites is still, even with all the advances in technology that lead to greater speed in transfer rate of data online, some websites are just slow loading! According to one of the UK’s premier web hosting service providers,, many websites follow the ‘rules’ on their homepage but product pages become slow loading with an overabundance of photos and other elements that take a huge amount of bandwidth to load.

If you don’t contract with a hosting company that offers sufficient speed and data, customers will get impatient waiting for your pages to load and bounce off to the next site they hope will load quicker. This is an ‘objection’ or detriment to conversion that is peculiar to the digital age. It’s not an objection that a traditional salesforce has been trained to overcome.


You can’t always convince a customer that ‘you get what you pay for’ so you just might need to find other ways to combat this objection. Much of it is in the presentation but even that can be insufficient to overcome their reluctance to spend money – more money than they have available or had planned to spend. This objection can be handled in much the same way as you would handle it on a face to face level but it all needs to be set up in the content. By writing effective copy you can overcome objections long before that person even has a chance to consider cost. You will have them sold and with their mind made up, cost just isn’t an issue.

There are other obstacles to conversion such as having a product that is too complicated to be easily understood, which leads right back to the issue of patience. Today’s consumer is living life in the fast lane just as you are so if they can’t have your product up and running yesterday, they don’t want it. Make sure that every bit of information on your site is easy to understand with directions that are likewise easy to follow. Today’s customer wants everything now and at a rock bottom price. No, you can’t always get what you want but it is your job to convince them they can!