Max Polyakov was on a crossway when he decided to leave the cycling sports. He tried a few different spheres but nothing satisfied him like his previous sphere did. And then he remembered that he always had an interest in photography. He knew that his father tried to educate love for art in his son but the boy couldn’t keep it for a long time. He forgot about his camera when he found out what the real cycling is. Max Polyakov decided to get back to his old passion but didn’t want to be an amateur anymore. He was an experienced sportsman and used to do everything for 100 %. And he started improving his skills every day until this process led him to the establishment of the photography agency Noosphere.


Noosphere appeared when Max Polyakov was ready to perform his best works for the greater audience. But at the beginning of his way, he was a boy who wanted to become a sportsman and accidentally took his camera during one of his competitions. He started taking pictures while he was walking in Paris and understood that this sphere absorbs him. Soon, his friends began to ask him to send his own photos from different places. They kept them like postcards.

Shortly the sportsman bought a motion camera and set it on his bicycle. Those pictures were accepted by the public too. Some of them even were taken as a part of a documental representation of a competition.

Max Polyakov got older and decided to quit sports. He returned to photography, attended a few courses, bought a professional camera and became a real expert in this field. He got rid of his doubts and established a studio named Noosphere. Of course, it was a risky business because the city already had a few photography agencies. But when people saw his best works they started preferring Max Polyakov’s Noosphere. Very soon, he began to take pictures of his clients and it was amazing!

Years passed by, and one day Max Polyakov received an offer from an agent Susan. She wanted to promote him and Noosphere. Susan said that their cooperation will bring him money. At first, he didn’t believe her but soon she sold a couple of his works and he really earned a huge budget. Soon, they opened an exhibition of his pictures in Noosphere. Now, he was an outstanding photographer who was popular far behind his native city.


Max Polyakov got married to Susan and now they build their lives and plans together. Although they have everything, the couple doesn’t want to stop. They keep promoting Noosphere and reach for new achievements.