Exercising at home has many advantages and can give you great results when done regularly. We’ve asked Rick Hay, Fitness Expert at Ideal World TV, to share some insight that might just get you moving regularly at home.

Save money

Firstly fitness routines that are done at home save you money. Gym memberships can be pricey and often you are locked into long-term contacts that can be difficult to break. Buying a day pass can be even more expensive! Travel costs to and from the gym can also add up over time too.

Save time

By working out at home you are using your time efficiently – often we spend more time travelling to and from the gym than we do actually in it. If you only have an hour and a half to work out, shower and change, exercising at home it a great way to pack in some effective workout routines that will be far more beneficial than spending less time in the gym. Lack of time is often our biggest enemy when we are trying to get in shape so use your time wisely.



Being at home means that you can multi task – you can exercise whilst preparing dinner or in between emails. Some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training or Burst Training) exercise routines are great for this as they allow you to exercise in short sharp bursts and provide great results. Effective HIIT exercises are burpees, skipping and star jumps.

A great product to use in between your high intensity routines is the Wonder Core II, a seated design enabling you to work on a variety of upper body workouts, helping you get lean and toned arms, back and abs. You can also weave sessions on the Wonder Core in-between household tasks, spend ten minutes on the Wonder Core then go back to your task, and repeat throughout the course of the day depending on what works with your schedule.


Avoid uncomfortable weather

Often if it’s too cold, too wet or too hot you can be put off from venturing outside to exercise – it is very easy to talk yourself out of exercising when it is pouring with rain! Exercising in the comfort of your own home means that no matter what the weather, you have no excuses and can still get in shape.

Avoid added pressures

Dedicating an hour and a half to two hours at the gym is a good chunk out of your day, especially when you have a busy schedule. When working out at home you can break up your workouts over the day and exercise at your own pace. There’s less pressure this way and you can fit in your workout at a time that suits.

Keep self-confidence at a high

Many people find gyms or bootcamps intimidating and feel the pressure to wear the latest gym kit or look their best when working out. When exercising at home you can feel comfortable and confident in doing more intensive workouts and trying out new exercises and there is no need to wear makeup!


Avoid the crowds

There is nothing more frustrating than turning up at the gym and finding the place packed with other people and the machines you want to use are being occupied. The time you spend waiting for a machine, or not working to your optimum level because you are waiting for someone to finish, adds up and those wasted minutes could be put to much better use working out at home, where you can do everything at your own speed.

Tailor your workout to your own needs

When you’re at home you are in control of your own surroundings. A product like the Chair Gym, which offers you an entire gym in one compact and portable chair, means you can work to your favourite music or whilst catching up on your favourite TV programme. Your home workouts can also be tailor made for your own needs – you can spend more time on specific body parts that cause you concern. To help you achieve the body that you want, check out calisthenics for beginners at athleticmuscle.net.

Control your own timetable

If you work out without leaving the house you are in control of your timetable so there is no stress as a result of missing a class or for always running late!

And finally…

At home you can workout before breakfast and really help to kick start your metabolism – it’s a great way to boost mood and to get great results. This way you can start the day on a positive note and you may even have more energy throughout the day if you move early.

The Wonder Core II and the Chair Gym are available from www.idealworld.tv