It may not quite be maxi-dress season just yet, but the experts behind leading fake tan accessory brand, Bronzie, want to educate Brits on how to make the most of their fake tanning efforts as the sun starts to beam through the clouds this spring.

Eloise-Maryam, tanning expert to the stars and marketing manager at Bronzie said, “As we transition into the warmer months and ‘winter white’ skin starts to call for a little pick-me-up, one of the most popular questions I’m asked at this time of year is “how do I achieve a natural looking tan?” Well the answer is simple, for anything to look good on your face or body, the base needs to be cared for and prepped. You wouldn’t paint walls until they were clean, dust-free and smooth, would you?”

The ladies behind Bronzie believe that it’s really important to look after your skin, especially where fake tan is concerned. Here are Eloise’s top tips for achieving the perfect tan this spring:

Give your skin a little TLC

“Be sure to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will show through your skin. We know that it’s been said time and time again, but water is like a magic tonic for skin, hair and nails, but many of us don’t drink the amount we should. Also, make sure you are buffing your body from top to bottom in order to remove the remains of any dead winter skin cells – you can use anything, like a loofa or bath sponge.  Last but not least, make sure you remove your makeup before bed. Another old cliché, but trust us – your pores will clog with the makeup, and your skin will appear dull.

Perfecting a tan at home

If you’re a DIY tanner, the most common way to achieve the glow you want is to go for a gradual tanning product. You can find a variety of brands in all supermarkets or online.  If you have a tan product you regularly use, go ahead and use that, but just a little less of it. Instead of double layering or doing two coats over two days (which is known as double-dipping), just apply the one coat to achieve a natural glow. Creams will always last longer as they penetrate further into the outer layer of the skin.  It’s also important to be extra cautious with hands, elbows knees and feet as these areas in particular tend to dry up quicker during harsh weather, causing them to develop a darker tone.  In order to avoid dark patches make sure you apply extra moisturiser.

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts

To create your springtime glow with your tan artist, ask for a lighter version of what you normally have – or if you usually have two coats, ask for one instead. To keep the tan alive, avoid anything that will make you sweat too much like saunas, steams, swimming pools etc, as all of these can affect the longevity of the tan, causing it to fade more quickly or even look patchy. Anything oily can also break the tan down, so make sure you use oil-free products to keep your glow looking fresh.