If you’re single and looking for love, Christmas is one of the best times of the year to get out and meet people.  Sharon Vickery shares her  Top Tips For Finding Love This Christmas

Have you been single for a while? Not looking forward to another Christmas on your own? Well, you’re not alone and to help you find someone special this Christmas here are my 5 top tips to attract your ideal partner and fall in love for good!

Tip #1: Commit the time to find love

Most of us spend at least 35 hours a week working, a few hours watching television, going to the gym, reading or surfing the internet. But how much time do you actually spend on creating the right opportunities to find love? If you’re like most people, it’s likely that it’s not very much.

Everything in life worth having requires an investment, and your love life is no different. It’s time to put aside the thoughts that love should ‘just happen’ and there’s never a better time to do that than December. Say ‘yes’ to all the party invitations that come your way because unless you’re out there meeting people then finding your ideal partner is just not going to happen and you’ll end up disheartened and feeling like it’s just all too much like hard work.

Sound familiar? …. so go on, get out there and make it happen for you.

Top Tip # 2: Party with confidence

Most of us have issues with confidence in some areas of our lives and often the kinds of conversations we have in our heads about ourselves cause us to come across as insecure or in some way negatively to the opposite sex. Always remember that the way you think and feel about yourself affects how you look, stand, interact with people and – of course – how attractive you appear to others.

So at the next Christmas party, get dressed up and go out there with the confidence to impress, after all like attracts like, so if you want to date the best, you’d better be the best!

Top Tip #3: Approach Him

So you’ve said ‘yes’ to the party invitations and you’re there all dressed up. You’re sipping on your wine when you notice a cute guy talking to some friends. You’re not sure if he’s seen you so you don’t do anything, after all the man should be the one to approach you right?… Wrong!!!
Well, in an ideal world of course he would but your love life is too important to leave to chance. Don’t forget, guys are scared of rejection too so why not go over there and come up with a cool little one liner to get his attention, I promise, he’ll love you for it and you may get exactly what you wished for Christmas!

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