It’s a well-known fact that the best presents come in small packages. Indeed, jewellery is an ever popular and ever present gift to give that special someone at Christmas. But, would you give a pre-loved peice this Christmas? Experts in pre-owned luxury jewellery, William May, conducted a survey of 3,000 Brits to find out how many would give a pre-owned gift at Christmas and what their feelings are about the idea of second-hand gifting.

The survey found that almost half of Brits (43%) say they would gladly give a pre-owned gift at Christmas. We’re all for it. Endless amounts of wrapping paper, plastic toys and Christmas gadgets redundant by the same time next year; it’s enough to make most shudder in light of this year’s escalation in climate change news. 

So, with the finding that 1 in 8 admit they get more satisfaction from purchasing second-hand items than brand new, there really is no reason not to. Buying second-hand gifts will not only help reduce our Christmas carbon footprint, it can also save some pennies, provide a completely unique gift and in many cases, give back to a charitable cause. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL benefits of giving pre-owned jewellery as a gift this Christmas.


Buying previously loved pieces is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to shop, make no mistake. Indeed, ‘circular’ shopping is a movement currently gaining some serious traction; keeping gifts in circulation rather than contributing to the demand for new production just makes sense in terms of sustainability.

The mining of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones has a huge impact on the environment, not least the human rights issues in the areas where the materials are mined. Pre-owned jewellery reduces the demand for new jewellery, and subsequently, there will be less of a burden on heavily mined areas for new gemstones and precious metals.


Jewellery depreciates in value over the years; it’s just a fact. But if you’re looking for a precious piece with inherent value and a sophisticated look, then second hand might be the best way to go. Whatever your budget, you’re likely to find a better quality diamond, metal or gemstone at a more affordable price if you go down this route. Many of the big jewellers, such as William May, Ramsdens and the Fine Jewellery Company have a second-hand section on their website replete with eye-catching pieces at knockdown prices.


If you’ve ever walked through the jewellery lanes of Brighton, London’s Hatton Garden or Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, then you’ll understand just how much choice there is when it comes to secondhand jewellery. In fact, the diversity on offer far trumps the variety of new pieces available. So, whether you’re after a vintage piece from a different era like the 1920’s, a modern item which is after a new home, or an esoteric piece with a rare backstory, then second-hand is certainly the smart option.


Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken crockery to create a totally unique piece, is an ethos which could certainly be applied to second-hand jewellery shopping. Indeed, the Japanese believe that through repairing a smashed plate, for instance, with gold, the ‘scars’ of the piece are celebrated, and something totally personal to the owner (or mender) is created. Any item of second-hand jewellery will have endured a life, history and possible blemishes on the road to your purchase. Channel the energy of kintsugi and embrace this as a positive. A lovely thought.

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