The leaves are starting to fall and summer is all but over. Gone are the hazy evenings sipping Aperol on the terrace, farewell has been bid to romantic picnics, and park all dayers turning into pub all nighters now look more likely to become all duvet dayers. Hey, it was fun while it lasted, right? But don’t let this sense of melancholy and impermanence bring you down. There’s plenty to love about the new season, particularly its ability to frame the romantic in a whole new light; cosier and more homely than the heat of summer, but no less lovely, we think. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL domestic date night ideas this autumn.


Sure, it might seem a little blustery and wet to make this work right now, but things will change, make our words. So, when you can, make the most of the clement weather, fire up the woodburner and enjoy a spot of alfresco dining in your garden this autumn.  

Create a simple romantic meal or depending on your skillset, something more extravagant. Consider adding a sheltered area around your garden patio with a windshield to protect you and yours from cold winds, which will in turn create a cosy, intimate space in the garden and add plenty of ambient outdoor lighting to make things romantic. And why not take things a step further and set up a cosy tent in the garden to retreat to after your al fresco meal, which brings us neatly to our next date night idea for autumn… 


Camping may not be the first activity that springs to mind for an autumnal date night. Yes, it may be a bit chillier with a little more chance of rain (have we already mentioned the weather? Sorry, we’re British), but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this gorgeous, romantic season. Indeed, with autumn comes breathtaking beauty, even in your own garden. While summer nights are typically hazy, autumn gives way to clearer skies which means opportunity for stargazing. The colder weather also presents the perfect opportunity to snuggle up together and if it gets too cold, you can always move things inside. Lovely stuff.


Autumn is arguably one of the best times of year to enjoy a hot tub, too. When the air outside is cooler, climbing into a tub full of bubbling warm water is all the more enjoyable and satisfying. When you can see your warm breath meet the cold air, well, that’s just magic isn’t it? It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air whilst still keeping the heat in, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the darker, starlit nights of Autumn.

String some whimsical fairy lights up for maximum effect, celebrating the drawing in of the night in style. Of course, not many of us are blessed with our own hot tub, but they are available for hire; current estimates put the cost for a weekend at around £170 for an inflatable one all the way up to £250 for a solid, wooden version.


It may seem a bit cliched – a bit Friends, not lovers, if you will – but a movie night is the ideal domestic date idea for autumn. Indeed, seeing as the season can often bring unsettled weather, especially towards the latter part of the season when stormy conditions and strong gales are the norm, then it’s often better to hedge your bets inside, instead. And let’s be honest, there are few things more warming in autumn that cosying up at home with your loved one, preferably with a glass of red wine, and watching a good film.

There’s plenty of options to satisfy you both from the best Netflix comedy movies to horror movies. It’s worth narrowing down your selection before the date starts to avoid constant flicking and fussing (the ol’ paradox of choice, eh?) and to ensure that your significant other is not yawning through another romantic drama. 

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