If any room in the house needs to be the image of orderliness, it’s the kitchen. From preparing food to washing dishes, everything runs more smoothly with an organised kitchen. Even if practicalities should be your priority, it doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished without making it looking good. For the most innovative, creative and stylish hacks to spruce up your kitchen read on – you won’t want to miss out.

Chopping boards with disposal

Sometimes the simplest tasks can end up taking the longest. And chopping vegetables certainly falls under that category. Removing skins, stems and seeds can be easy enough, but painstakingly collecting the waste with your hand and carrying it across to the bin for disposal can be frustratingly time-consuming. This is where chopping boards with in-built disposal come into play. The most extreme example is a pull-out chopping board with a hole that hovers over the bin. Simply scrape undesirables into the gap and directly into the bin – easy.

Cabinet with pull out shelves

Blindly stretching out a hand to grab a bowl from the farthest corner of a cabinet can be difficult enough, but actually guiding the bowl out, without knocking any of the other china over in the process, is a more than troublesome task. That is why cabinets with pull out shelves are so important. You can pluck out a plate without worrying that you’ve actually acquired something other than the intended target, and you don’t have to fret about damaging anything else by accident.

Making a (back)splash

A well-designed backsplash can act as the focal point of a kitchen. This can be achieved in variety of cost-cutting ways. A mosaic of mismatched tiles can attract attention as well as the most expensive tiles can. The cheapest and perhaps most effective way however, is to put together a backsplash composed of kitchen wallpaper. Here is where it gets interesting. Depending on your preference, you can just easily opt for vibrant pop-art style wallpaper, as imitative sleek tiling – the choice is entirely yours.

See your kitchen in a different light

By replacing garish overhead lighting, you will be able to see your kitchen in a completely different light – literally. Recent interior design trends dictate that you would be best electing for multiple fixtures scattered in strategic positions in place of just one overbearing light. By angling lights towards the cupboards and walls of the kitchen, the light is reflected back into the room, giving the illusion of the space. Equally effective is ensuring your bulbs have a colour rendition index of over 90, culminating in a warm and cosy light.

As you can see, with some straight-forward alterations you can make your kitchen an altogether better space. With the right changes you can transform your kitchen from a place you have to spend time in, to one you want to spend time in.