For most of us, the living room is the hub of the home. It’s a place where we spend a great deal of time; from putting our feet up, to entertaining friends and family, the living room embodies a sense of community like no other room in the house. Indeed, it’s one of the most sociable and inclusive parts of a household. And it may come as no surprise that no matter what country you are in, the living room remains an integral part of a homes dynamic. However, while living rooms across the world seem to serve the same purpose, each nation has it’s own style when it comes to living room decor. With this in mind, here are 4 IDEAL living room designs from around the world.


With a minimalist approach to décor, Japanese living rooms are all about clean and uncluttered living. A common feature in Japanese living rooms are Tatami mats which are thick, woven straw mats used for sitting, sleeping and even meditating. For those who opt to not sit directly on the mats a zabuton, which is a Japanese sitting cushion are commonly used. Often, they are put on top of low chairs called zaisu that don’t have legs to support the back.

Japan is also big on sliding doors, which are usually referred to as fusuma or shoji. Fusuma doors are made up of wooden frames that are covered by thick, opaque paper and can usually be removed to create a larger space. The shoji differs slightly as it is covered in translucent paper which allows the light to filter into the room.  As well as tatami mats and sliding doors, you’ll often find a low table in the centre a Japanese living room. 


Grand and majestic, you’ll find a mix of both colours and geometric patterns in an Arabic living rooms. Usually, Arabic homes are filled with luxurious pieces of furniture and ornate designs. Gold, which is associated with royalty and luxury, is a common theme in their interior design schemes; think gold mirrors, gold wall sconces and even gold walls.

Also, Arabic living rooms usually feature lots of prints which deliver a strong presence within the room. Sofas are decorated with countless cushions and coffee tables are dressed with throws and patterned runners. Arabic living rooms are also know for their accessories, think vases, fruit bowls and extravagant chandeliers!


Grab a cup of fair trade tea and take a look at the English living room. The television is usually placed on a stand in the corner of a room, so that no matter where you’re positioned in the room, you can still watch it. While chesterfield sofas were once a common staple of English living rooms, today Brits seem to opt for a simple design and neutral colour. Brits also like to mix and match with photo frame styles and colours and place them in different areas of the room, including wall and unit placements. And almost every living room in Britain will have a fireplace, be it real or fake. 


Like the French themselves, their living rooms have a unique sense of style and sophisticationTraditionally, ceilings are high which allows everything else in the room to be grand in size. To complement this, curtains are draped from the top to floor level and to offer a regal feel to the room, these are often tied back and curved in shape. The French pride themselves on the sharp details of their furniture, and the threads of their curtains are no different — with intricate designs making each room feel bespoke. On their sofas, the French love a padded cushion style which is usually bulky in size- think French Louis style settees.