We’ve all sat at our desk, our thoughts desperate in attempts to drone out the office drag, laying longing stares out the window and dreaming of dramatic career change. And for those of us who live for the gym and can’t go a day without working out or being active, the obvious choice is out here – in there, in fact. Yep, we’re talking about personal training.

And the trade is booming; expanding like the muscles PT’s are managing. Walk into any coffee shop in London and you’re bound to find one using it as their personal office, writing up their clients fitness programs and meal plans. As a nation, it seems we have a real hunger for getting fit, and where’s there’s passion and drive, there’s also money to be made. Especially in the capital where clients are abundant and personal trainer courses in London are plentiful. With this in mind, here are 4 IDEAL reasons to become a personal trainer.


To all the burger flippers, data enterers and shop floor fillers; we’ve all been there and wished we hadn’t. Life needn’t – and shouldn’t – be this way. With the amount of hours spent at work rivalling (and usually far outweighing) those spent on hobbies and in bed, it’s imperative that employed, paid hours are used doing what you love. If not, a huge portion of life is wasted…..


And running with a theme, P.T’ing may well grant you access to the holy grail; a better work/life balance. Yes you’ll have loads of laundry from all the sweaty gym clothes, and yes, you’ll see workout regimes in your downtime, in everything (pull ups on the tube, anyone?), but you’ll also wrestle control of your hours, and as such, be free when you want, to do what you want – even that Pilates teacher training course you’ve been dreaming of. And if that free time takes you back to the gym, then so be it. Personal trainers are generally self-employed. While you’ll be at the behest of your (fingers crossed) many clients, you also reserve the right to pick and choose which hours you’ll spend working.


It’s a primary motivation of some of the most revered professions around; teachers, doctors, charity workers……that helping people brings far greater reward than the financial. And while personal trainers might not get given the same credibility by careers advisors, the same can be said of what drives them; a desire to give back. Part coach, part cheerleader, part nutritionist, there’s ample room for the altruistic, for improving people’s lives and creating a healthier, happier society.


It’s not exactly an industry secret; part of the P.T job is to look fit and project that obsession with fitness onto others. It’s pretty much guaranteed, then, that through the course of your working day, when demonstrating work outs, when participating alongside your clients, and in any cheeky, snatched moments of downtime, you’ll be keeping yourself in prime physical condition. Result!