Brexit is looming. The hatches are being battened down, tinned goods hoarded and medicine stockpiled. With the news that we will no longer be able to simply wander into Europe free of charge, the great British staycation looks set to become the holiday of choice for many. Sure, we’re not blessed with a daily dose of sun, and sure, we don’t boast the very finest of the continental culture which we’ve taken for granted for so long, but our shores still have plenty to offer. So with the help of the travel experts at award-winning Loco2, the comparison and booking platform for train tickets in the UK and Europe, here are 4 IDEAL reasons to choose a staycation over holidays abroad.


While so many of us have visited far-flung corners of the globe with abandon, you’ll find many who have never ventured beyond Oxford’s M40, who view Watford as a symbolic gateway to the North and who constantly harp on about a flight to Europe being cheaper than a train to Edinburgh. It’s time to tap the great, unexplored resource of the Great British countryside

Us Brits, so fond of self-deprecation, sometimes forget the U.K is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with tens of millions of visitors coming here from abroad each year.  There are some truly stunning destinations, including peaceful retreats, national parks, and coastal breaks. Wales, Cornwall and the Cotswolds are some of the most popular.


According to research, four in five of us would rather holiday at home than deal with the stresses of travelling abroad. A mile high tale possibly, but it’s certainly true that a fair amount of anxiety over booking, packing, flying and the rest is negated by keeping things local. Particularly this is true for anything involving airports – think about the long queues, the uncomfortable journey with no legroom, and luggage restrictions. Moreover, if you’re travelling with children, a flight takes on a whole new level of fuss and worry. Sometimes it’s better to just jump in the car.


Another major reason why staycations are becoming more popular is that it’s undoubtedly a greener option – nearly everywhere in the UK is accessible by train, which is much more environmentally friendly than flying. Not only is fuel used more efficiently, but electric trains can run on green electricity, reducing CO2 emissions even more. That carboon footprint of yours can tread a little lighter on home soil.


Do a staycation right and it can be can be as cheap as those chips you get on the beach in Cornwall. The desire to get a ‘value-for-money break’ is a growing priority due to stretched household budgets and the continued weakness of the pound. Holidaying on home turf often presents a more affordable alternative.