Sports massage is more intense compared with other forms of massage available. You might be hesitant at first if you see how it is done. However, it can actually be very healthy. There are a lot of benefits that you will get from having a sports massage. Here are some reasons why sports massage is effective and why a lot of people, especially athletes, are really into it.


When you train or work out regularly, your muscles can tighten up and toughen, sometimes becoming knotted. This prevents the muscles from fully stretching to their optimal range of motion, which in turn can lead to movement becoming more difficult. Sports massage techniques focus on the soft tissues, manipulating them to release any tightness which eventually improves muscular mobility.

Muscular imbalances can be corrected, and tension alleviated through applying the correct techniques. You can read more about sports massage in London at Massaggi and learn about the various ways in which it can help enhance your performance in your sport

Stiff bones and joints are also a common issue which many people who participate in sports frequently complain about. Sports massage techniques can help separate the muscle fibres and other soft tissues. Generally, physical movement becomes easier and better following a schedule of regular sports massages to alleviate such problems.


The food that we eat contains essential nutrients which are absorbed by the blood. But when muscles are too stressed out the uptake of these essential nutrients can be less than optimal. The lack of nutrients in the blood leaves the muscles deprived of the critical nutrients needed to help in recovery from strenuous physical activity such as sports.

Sports massage techniques can help improve the absorption of nutrients into the blood, and also enhance oxygen flow in the blood, which helps in restoring depleted muscles, and aids in general physical recovery following sports or other forms of exercise.


After heavy training or a really intense sports event, you will feel sore all over your body. Some people complain that they can hardly even walk anymore. Your first thought might be to take pain relievers but, while it’s not a bad idea in the short-term, it’s not something that you should do on a prolonged basis. Long-term use can lead to detrimental effects on your health if taken all the time. Getting a sports massage, on the other hand, is a much better solution to the problem. Just a few hours after the massage you won’t be suffering from the pain caused by the physical exertion. Although the sports massage process is really intense, and you certainly will feel it while being massaged, the truth is that the soreness will soon start to go away, and muscle recovery will be much quicker and more complete than if you simply take painkillers.


Just like any other massage techniques, sports massage helps in stimulating receptors in the body that trigger relaxation. Therefore, your mood becomes lighter and any stress also starts to fade away. For athletes, being mentally fit for an event is just as important as physical fitness, and sports massage can help you win that all-important mental game in your own head, too.

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