Should you live on the umpteenth floor of an urban apartment block, then you’ll know the story all too well. The long day at work made worse by the daily climb up the stairs. The post-session clamber which seems to last longer than the night bus home. The slow descent the morning after, tripping on each step, half wishing you’d fall the full way down. Nope, it’s just not good enough. The solution? For seniors, for those suffering from disability, for the few with reduced mobility or simply for the downright lazy, why, it’s an elevator of course. Not convinced? Read on; our 4 IDEAL reasons to install an elevator in your apartment block.


There are plenty of ways to use a residential elevator, and all will contribute to an easier and more comfortable living experience. Must we spell if out for you? They grant improved mobility and make it simpler to move things like luggage or groceries from one floor to another with ease of movement and a reduced risk of injury. Plus, they make opening up your home to others who suffer from mobility issues a doddle. Looking for an inclusive investment? This is it.


Whether you’re planning to build a new home from scratch or make some big changes to your current property, planning for a residential elevator grants leeway to further improvements, and as such, profit. In addition to ensuring that the property is ready for easier mobility from the start, it also allows you to build upwards without worrying about long, prohibitive flights of stairs. Though it’s certainly a case of playing the long game, it’s a prudent move nonetheless. Building upwards is often cheaper than building outwards, whilst still allowing you to cover the same amount of square footage. 


Even if you’re considering installing an elevator in your existing home (and are daunted by the prospect) the good news is that manufacturers are becoming better and better at incorporating them into an existing building design. And all with far less fuss than you might be fearing. They can even be customised to blend in with your décor, making it easier than ever to incorporate an elevator in your home while causing minimal disruption to your interior design or the normal ebb and flow of life. 


Finally, with residential elevators becoming more accessible for all homeowners, they manage to straddle both a sense of luxury and pragmatism. Which, we think, is definitely a good look. Everything becomes much easier when all that you need to do is push a button to get to where you need to be in your home, make no mistake, but it also shows your willingness to include and make all visitors welcome; a very good character trait indeed and one which more people should adopt in these difficult, selfish times.