Although global travel is off the cards right now, we need something to tentatively put in the calendar right? Because having things to look forward to is what’s going to get us through these uncertain times, we think.

Perhaps leave the actual booking of flights and hotel rooms for the time being, but if you’re considering which potential time of year to plan your trip around, might we suggest a period when things are quieter?

Though peak season generally means great weather and more cultural events, it comes with its drawbacks too. Instead, consider these; our 4 IDEAL reasons to travel during the off peak season.


When you travel off-peak, you have so much more choice as to where to go and what to see. During the busy season, accommodation and sightseeing tours can be fully booked months in advance, and the main tourist sites heaving. 

Whereas when you travel during a quieter time, the demand is less so you can have more freedom with deciding where you want to stay and what you want to do. Indeed, if you’re looking for some destination inspiration, check out the good guys over at Audley Travel for some unique ideas.


When you visit a place during the height of tourist season, sometimes being in a queue can take longer than the sightseeing itself. And that’s not what you’re travelling for, right? We all know that herds of crowds can really detract from the beauty of a place. 

However, when you go off-peak, it will allow you to see so much more. Whether this is physically seeing the place, rather than having it blocked by fellow visitors, or because it allows you more freedom of movement, you can visit more sights with ease. This is your chance to make the most of the moment and enjoy a more authentic travel experience. 


One of the main perks of travelling off-peak is how much cheaper it is in almost every aspect. From booking your flights to picking a place to stay, you’ll be amazed at the difference with how much accommodation can cost one month in comparison to the next. 

Plus, when you get there, activities and restaurants will be cheaper than they are in the busy season. Of course, it’s worth noting that different countries have different peak seasons – particularly if they’re in a different hemisphere. Make sure you research this in advance and plan your trip accordingly.


Some places exist solely as tourist towns – during the ‘on’ season they’re heaving, but they swiftly empty out when it’s done. If you visit a place when it’s off-peak, you’re playing a part in helping a local business survive. Indeed, many have realised that having such places that solely serve tourists just isn’t sustainable, and some are trying to switch to make themselves operational no matter the season. Be part of change.


Don’t rule out travelling during off-peak season just because you think the weather might not be ideal. You can still have an amazing holiday, and be richer in so many ways for the experience. Where’s next on your travel bucket list?