The largest and most popular of Spain’s glorious Canary Islands, Tenerife sits just off the coast of Morocco in the vast Atlantic Ocean. A relatively short flight from most UK airports, the island boasts white and black sand beaches that bask in year-round sunshine and temperatures that average 25 degrees.

With a dramatic volcanic landscape, a buzzing nightlife scene and gorgeous beaches, it’s not surprising that, on average, 10 million visitors choose to head to this holiday hotspot every year.  From families and couples to nature-lovers and adventure-seekers this is a destination with something for everyone. Here are 4 of our top reasons to visit this idyllic Spanish island this summer.


For committed nature enthusiasts, or those who simply relish breathtaking scenery, Tenerife’s magnificent Mount Teide National Park is an absolute must. The world’s third highest volcano, Mount Teide’s peak towers an incredible 3,718 metres above sea level and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The otherwordly lunar landscape formed by molten lava, makes this a truly unique spot for exploring. You can even get a birds-eye-view from Mount Teide’s cable car, which offers an incredible vantage point of the whole island.

If you’re more interested in what lies below the waves than towers above them, a ride aboard Tenerife’s Submarine Safari is a can’t-miss. Descend to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on the Sub Fun Cinco submarine and enjoy a close-up view of the vivid marine ecosystem that thrives off the island’s shores.


When it comes to world-class accommodation, Tenerife doesn’t disappoint, with countless options to fit all tastes and budgets. Among some of the best are CLC World’s Tenerife resorts. Each of the six sublime CLC World Tenerife properties on the island, including CLC Paradise Tenerife, delivers sumptuous accommodation, first-class amenities, fun teen and kids’ clubs and a selection of fine dining spots.


With its balmy temperatures and almost perennial sunshine, Tenerife is the ideal place for a water park and according to Tripadviser, Siam Park– Tenerife’s largest and most popular water park- is the best in the world!  Boasting flumes, slides and pulse-pounding rides, the Thai-themed attraction has even the biggest thrill-seekers covered. Prefer a more laid-back vibe? You can opt to float along meandering rivers, take a leisurely stroll through the park’s lush tropical gardens, or just lie back and relax on the park’s sandy beach.


Set between the unlit Sahara desert and the vast Atlantic, the skies above Tenerife are almost completely untainted by light pollution. This plus, its clean air, year-round good weather and high altitudes, make Tenerife (along with Hawaii and Chile), one of the best stargazing locations on the planet.   So much so that, for the last 43 years, one of the world’s leading observatories – the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics – has been situated there.  Get ready to be starstruck!

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