Let’s get this out of the way before any fruit is incorrectly broken down. A juicer is designed to extract the juice from various fruits and vegetables, separating the fibre and pulp and paving the way for a pure, palatable juice. That said, some nutrients may be lost in the process. A blender, on the other hand, pulverises the entire fruit or vegetable, including the pulp, for a thicker, nutrition rich smoothie. The beauty of having a single kitchen appliance for both functions is that it saves space, time and sometimes, ultimately, money. It’s not just about semantics, then; so much is at stake. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips for getting the most from your juicer blender combo.


There are several advantages in using a combo appliance, specifically a juicer-blender combo. But if you’re wondering how to choose juicer blender when there are so many on the market (and let’s face it, a whole lot of jargon) then there a few key things to consider prior to purchase:

  • Blades and motor. The best juicer-blender combos generally have dual-direction blades and a powerful motor. These blades often support a reverse function, which is ideal for precision processing.
  • Versatility. The ideal juicer blender combo boasts versatility, allowing it to take the place of your regular mixer. More often than not, these are high-powered, with different sets of blades, set at different heights and angles, suitable to be used in various speeds. While being versatile, the perfect juicer-blender combo is often lightweight, too.
  • Capacity. Finally, the preferred juicer-blender combo is one whose capacity is on the larger side, in order to handle a truly healthy amount of fruit and vegetables in a single sitting. More often than not, there is a tradeoff between the machine’s capacity and its size. So, look for a juicer-blender combo with a significant ratio in favour of capacity over engine size.


Pity the fool who only uses their juicer blender combo for juicing and blending. Sure, we accept that a less catchy product title might be ‘dough maker, mincer, ice blender, potential snow creator…’, but due to the name, many people neglect to exploit its full range of functions.

Perhaps most effectively, the juicer blender combo is an expert at making faultless dough, be it cookie, pizza or bread. Just turn it out for little knead on the work surface afterwards for that human touch, and you’re good to go. Equally, don’t overlook your combo’s potential to mince meat to your desired coarseness; ideal for budding sausage makers or those who hate all that white liquid which seeps out of your beef mince when you’re making a bolognese. Some combos can even be used to aerate wine and make mayonnaise easily; the possibilities are endless.


Sure, we know our combo can juice or blend, but a cursory check of those all important presets will give a better idea of just what potential your appliance can extract from your fruit and veg. The versatility of such devices means that they’re often underused and not exploited to their full potential. At the very least, you should expect milkshake, dip, smoothies and frozen drink settings, as well as various features which make short, diverse work of ice. There should also be a conventional citrus fruit juicer included, if you’re old school and like to pucker up with your morning juice. Blendtec’s Total Classic Original (that’s a lot of adjectives right there) Blender offers 15 presets; don’t be gripped by the paradox of choice with this one.


Any self respecting juicer blender combo will come with an attachable jar which allows you to juice to go, to work, to school, on the commute…wherever. But let’s just put it this way; not all jars were born equal. Indeed, some are flimsy to the point that a trip on the scrum of London Underground’s morning rush hour will likely end in breakage. Equally, lid attachments are hugely variable, with some as safe and secure as you’d hope for, while others will leave you with smoothie all down your shirt. Finally, look for jars in multiple sizes able to fit one combo appliance, allowing for juice and smoothie creation based on a variety of needs. 

Nutribullet are way ahead of the pack in this department, with their NBR-1201 providing two short and one longer cup, with resealable lids and handled lip rings; great for juice on the go.