Whether you’re a player, spectator, or perhaps even aspiring coach, sports in Britain are everywhere. You’ll find sports enthusiasts in every office, behind every desk, at every bar, and with the current trend for fitness and wellbeing very much up and  running in 2019, the potential for amateur sports club membership is broad and enticing. If you’re considering starting your own, then first of all, thankyou! You’re contributing to the positive public health of the nation. Secondly, it’s actually a rather tough thing to make a success of. But with these, your life might be a little easier; our 4 IDEAL tips for starting an amateur sports club.


Sport is so ubiquitous in the UK, and the opportunity to simply lay down jumpers for goalposts in your local park so convenient, that attracting people to a sports club can be tough. It’s vital then to distinguish your amateur sports club from others in the area. If you can make a connection between your sports club and a local pub or restaurant in your community, then you have a fully formed, loyal following straight away. Not only will you have sponsorship and support, but you’ll also have a local base where your team can congregate and foster that all important sense of community.


Rather than casting the net wide and hoping you catch some customers, it’s best to target potential members more extensively and once secured, create profiles so you can best cater to their specific needs. This can be done succinctly using club membership software, which allows you to create and manage member profiles and keep track of payments, schedules, and more, and when you learn more about their interests, you can help harbour a stronger sense of commitment from them by building on those specific tastes.


Sports, by nature, are competitive, and this should of course be encouraged. A little rivalry can be healthy, fun even, but it’s an unfortunate truth that this can sometimes get out of hand and sometimes requires a code of conduct. Bullying, discrimination and prejudice all have no place in sport, and so having a proper set of rules will nip these issues in the bud before they grow thorns. It’s also wise to give your members and athletes some training on equality so they can set a good example to the community through their responsible, caring behaviour.


Sports clubs, whether at an amateur, semi or professional level, all have the health, wellbeing and fitness of their members as their primary responsibility. Without a 100% commitment to excellence, the sole purpose of your club fails. So, do everything within your power to make your club the very best it can be, and your clients, members and customers will reach their potential accordingly.