Sun’s out, guns out announce the banter brigade to a soundtrack of groans from the rest of us. And while there’s thankfully no equivalent catchphrase for the ubiquity of shades once the weather gets hot, no one can deny that everything looks that little bit better through tint. 

Not any old tint will do, though. For your trusty sunnies to serve you well, protect your eyes from harsh sun rays, and add a touch of cool to your appearance, you have to give them the cash then care that they deserve. By keeping them safe in a protective case; replacing the faulty bits; cleaning them thoroughly and carefully; and guarding them against the harsh environmental elements, you’ll be able to enjoy your specs for the longest possible time. With this in mind, here are 4 IDEAL tips on taking care of your designer sunnies.


Nothing makes a pair of designer shades look old and worn like those annoying little scratches and nips on the lenses, frame or arms. The best way to prevent this is by always keeping them in their protective case when they’re not in use – and remember that a hard case is always better protection than a soft one. Go figure. 

You might also want to avoid wearing them on the top of your head, because as cool as it may look, and as convenient as it may feel, it makes them more prone to falls and breakage. We’ve all been there, sunnies perched up top and forgotten about; a sudden head movement, the sound of crunching, and those specs are done for. If the damage is done and the lenses are broken, don’t fret, for you can find replacement lenses for Oakley sunnies or any brand of your choice for that matter. Particularly useful, we think, because you can keep the frame and upgrade the look with new lenses. 


While many people think that cleaning the lenses with their shirt is okay, it’s really not. All designer sunnies come with a piece of the designated microfiber cloth for a reason; those are made of fabrics specifically designed for cleaning the sensitive lenses to efficiently remove dirt and smudges without causing scratches. In short, make use of them!

On the other hand, if the smudges seem a little too stubborn, you could resort to using a gentle lens solution. It’s recommended to apply this detergent to the microfiber cloth before gently rubbing, and not to the lenses themselves. Don’t use hand wash, dish soap or laundry detergent; they’ll likely do more harm than good.


A common error, this. Just because they’re used in the sun, doesn’t mean that your sunnies are immune to heat damage. Never, ever, leave your sunglasses in the car during the day; this can bring about a distorted frame or bending of the arms/temples. Same goes for sunbeds, sofas by the pool or any splayed out on the sand situation. Keep them covered in their case or at the very least, in the shade.


Summer for so many means surf, sand, sun and shades. And because sand and salty water are major enemies of metal and the anti-reflective coating of the lenses, make sure to keep your sunglasses inside your beach bag while you’re not wearing them. This will also help you stop tiny sand particles from getting stuck between the frame and lenses, which can be very frustrating and difficult to clean, and can cause irreparable scratches caused by abrasion.