Winter is coming. Actually, some good news; the shortest day of the year is around the corner, and after that, the good, sunnier times can’t be far away. Still, if you’re looking forward to a winter wedding in the coming weeks, this will be of little consolation. Yep, choosing an outfit for a wedding is hard enough, but with the added obstacle of blustery weather, icy temperatures and even the possibility of snow, it can become a nightmare scenario. 

We’re not putting it mildly (mmm, ‘mild’) when we say that finding the perfect winter wedding outfit is no mean feat. You have to take into account the weather, the type of wedding you’re attending and of course the small matter of your own style. We’re here to help with all of that; our 4 IDEAL tips on what to wear to a winter wedding.


Before you plan your outfit, you’ll need to check the formality of the event and see if there’s a specified, strict dress code. Is there a mention of cocktail attire or black tie on the wedding invitation? Have they specified a colour scheme? Is the dress code unwritten but obvious? For instance, if you’re going to an Indian wedding, then you may be expected to wear traditional wedding attire such as a Punjabi suit, so double-check. Luckily there are some absolutely stunning ones out there. When it comes to choosing Punjabi suits online, just be sure to choose a heavy fabric like satin to keep you warm. If in doubt about the dress code, get in touch with one of the bridesmaids or best man and ask. 


Most winter weddings are indoors, so you probably don’t need your thermals. That said, it’s a good idea to choose thicker fabrics like velvet and satin, warm and luxe, as they’ll keep you from feeling any chill throughout the ceremony, reception and any travel in between.

A winter wedding is the perfect time for lots of texture and luxurious fabrics. High necklines, longer hems and billowing sleeves can add a sensible sense of occasion to a wedding outfit. A winter wedding is also the ideal opportunity to wear a gorgeous floor length gown, especially if it’s a more formal affair. For something more casual, a shift or wrap dress with long sleeves offers a smart, yet formal option. A tailored suit or jumpsuit with long sleeves can look sophisticated and will keep you warm. And if the event is a sparkly affair, metallic fabrics and head-turning all-over sequins will not let you down.


Deep tones like black, purple and navy are great for a winter wedding. Berry hues of burgundy and jewel tones of emerald green and ruby red can also add a festive touch to your outfit, while earthier shades like green and burnt orange are equally appropriate seasonally. Don’t dismiss florals; they aren’t the sole reserve of summer weddings. Indeed, a floral pattern against a dark backdrop can look particularly striking.


In winter a coat or cover up is essential, however the trouble is looking chic in something that keeps you warm. Luckily we have the answer – luxury layering. A feather or faux fur shrug can keep you feeling cosy yet looking stylish indoors. Wrapping yourself in a stylish winter shawl made from velvet also offers that extra layer of warmth indoors. A sleeveless cape made of wool or a satin coat is ideal for the outdoors.