Just because you’re in a long-term relationship doesn’t mean that things have to become dull and predictable. Although many people are resigned to this unwelcome yet all too common occurrence, there are ways to make sure love, fire and passion burn continue to burn brightly. It doesn’t have to take huge romantic gestures, spending splurges on diamond rings and monthly holidays to Venice to keep the love alive, in fact, the small things often mean the most. So, here are 4 IDEAL ways to keep the love alive.

The Importance of Communication

Any relationship needs to be kept alive and nurtured to ensure they doesn’t become predictable. It’s a given that there will be disagreements, conflicting points of view and ways of doing things that may rub your partner up the wrong way from time to time. Accept that this is inevitable. A little communication goes a long way to nipping issues in the bud which, once left to fester, could become toxic, and unmanageable, and before you know it you’re contacting professional solicitors in Twickenham to mediate.

Keep Dating Each Other

You mustn’t think that going on a date is just for young people or those that have just got together. Courting is a continuous process, not one which stops when the deal is sealed. Any couple can, and should, enjoy a date night, and it can make a real change from the routine. Make a plan for your date and make sure that nothing else gets fills the diary on that day to interfere. You can either go somewhere you used to go, rekindling past memories of of your love’s infancy, or you can try something new. Instead of going for a meal, why not go to see a show or go roller skating? A date night can be whatever you like doing together.

Take a Second Honeymoon

Set a romantic scene by arranging to go on a second honeymoon. It doesn’t have to be to the same location as the first, but it should be romantically inclined and somewhere that you both want to visit. If you have children, you might not want to go somewhere for a whole week without them. However, a long weekend or just for a few days in the week is plausible and can have the same romance-redeeming effects. Consider making it a regular thing every year and start a tradition that you can carry on indefinitely. Until death do you apart, anyway.

Have a Hot Bath Together

There is nothing more relaxing or romantic than sharing a nice hot bubble bath together. You can make it extra special by running it just before the other person gets home and making it a surprise. Light some candles, lay some petals on the path to the bath and get some scents floating around. Start by making them a nice meal and end with a massage too – the extra effort will be appreciated. All of this pampering will help increase the romance and closeness between you. If you don’t have a bath, then a hot shower can work just as well, and you can wash each other while you’re there.

All it takes is these few little things to keep your relationship alive and maintain the romance and love you have together. The key is to take turns romancing the other and make it a regular thing, not just a one-off.