You may not know that, as well as inventing underfloor heating and the calendar, Romans pioneered the holiday and enjoyed taking a break now and again like we do. Likely to be an effect of the ever-expanding borders of the empire, Romans were the first civilisation to travel for pleasure, with some breaks for the very wealthy lasting for up to two years at a time. While technology has certainly come a long way since Roman times, today’s travellers have it much easier than even those of just a few years ago.

Once upon a time, arranging a get-away with your local travel agent was the only way to sort out a holiday. But now, most people are opting for digital platforms instead; more convenient, more efficient and often more cost coffective. Indeed, research gathered by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) shows that more than three quarters of UK consumers now book their holidays online.

With this in mind, and with the help of Cottages in Northumberland, a holiday lettings agency offering accommodation across north-east England, including cottages in Seahouses, here are 4 IDEAL ways that technology has made booking a holiday easier than ever before.


Choice is a huge factor in booking a holiday; nobody wants to be limited when it comes to that coveted week away. The rise of holiday lettings agencies and travel comparison sites like skyscanner and trivago means that we have as many holiday destinations and accommodation types as we can click a mouse at.

It’s also no secret that Airbnb has been one of the biggest changes to the travel and hospitality industry. Through this innovative site, booking somewhere to stay which suits your style preference, location choice and budget has never been easier.  Also, with the rise of last minute booking apps, you can even stay in fancy 5 Star Hotels for less.

No longer are people limited to hotels or apartments in a single agent’s portfolio; online you can find, compare, book, and pay for a coastal cottage or luxury city apartment with just the touch of a few buttons.


Remember when you went on holiday as a kid and there were those ‘packaged tours’ you resented? Why can’t we just use our own minds to decide on better, more bespoke activities, your young mind screamed. Well now, there is no need to rely on organised excursions on holiday. Instead, we read blogs and reviews from fellow travellers, follow successful ‘Instragrammers’ for inspiration, and arrange our own transport and tours via local guides to explore hidden gems off the beaten track and quench our thirst for discovery.


Sometimes you just want to get the job done, and booking online lets you organise your hotel, flight and transport within just a few minutes. If you know what you’re after, that is. No longer do you have to spend a Saturday afternoon in a travel agents’ queue, trawling teletext or checking availability over the phone. People can book from the comfort of their home or even out and about, day or night.

What’s more, it gives us the ability to be totally flexible with our bookings and organise a last minute adventure in a matter of minutes. Many, if not all, booking sites are available around the clock, which means that no matter where you are in the world, you can always book-online whenever you want, on whatever whim you want.


Speaking of time saving, we also don’t have to spend hours before our holiday, face in a Rough Guide or Lonely Planet, researching ‘must see sights’ and figuring out where you might want to eat. If you’re in a foreign city and have a hankering for a certain type of food or want to find somewhere specialising in the local delicacy, it only takes a few seconds to look the ideal restaurant up on google.

Also, that useful Google Translate app also means that you don’t have to spend ages thumbing through the pages of your foreign dictionary to ask locals a question, you can communicate more ably and enjoy a more enriched experience at the press of a button. Indeed, with a phone in your pocket, you can venture into a foreign place with no plan and just go with the flow. The perfect kinda holiday, we think.