The start of the year is traditionally a time rendered and remembered in the sombre tones of the season. Who would’ve thought there could be this many shades of grey? 50, it seems, is an underestimate. So unless we want our Winters to be endlessly defined by the drab, it’s time to throw off the shackles of such a caliginous colour palette and get vibrant. With that in mind, here are 4 IDEAL ways to add some colour to your home.


In a room otherwise imagined in minimalist monochrome, the burst of colour provided by a statement art piece can provide a priceless focal point. You don’t have to spend big though, to get the job done. Indeed, sometimes the best pieces are found in second-hand shops and independent boutiques. Whether you find an Art Nouveau piece or a one-of-a-kind lino print, these make a great wall-hanging to put in any dining room, living room or above your bed. If your walls are already clad in photo frames and your own artwork, then finding sculptures and other standing artefacts can also add life and texture to a room. A Chinese umbrella, lantern or vintage vase, perhaps.


If you’d prefer your main living quarters to be dialled down a few decibels, then injecting colour into your kitchen is the perfect compromise. Having single (or multiple) colour utensil holders, pots and pans, tea towels and maybe even units, can wake up any silver-clad kitchen. If you have a kitchen-diner then picking statement colour stools or plastic chairs to sit around your kitchen table will add a brightness that still manages to remain contained and restrained. Be bold; these items are giving pops of colour, garnishes if you will, rather than dominating the whole space. A little daring, in this case, will go a long way.


If you’ve only recently given the house an fresh lick of paint, and you want to admire your wall work for a while, then furniture is the best place to focus your attention. Choosing a vividly coloured sofa or a block-coloured armchair will set the tone of the room, and provide a framework colourwise later down the line. Browsing round furniture specialists such as Eclipse Furniture is the best place to start putting together ideas and looking for inspiration. If you’re taking things seriously, why not commit your plans to mood board before making any purchases?


Adding plants and cut flowers to your house is a great way to liven up the space and emphasise that fresh, natural feel synonymous with a laid backed ambience. Go one step further and place them in bright pots and vases for extra style points (though don’t over do it or you’ll be advising guests to bring sunglasses on their next visit).