Making the big decision to stay at a rehabilitation centre in order to take control of your addiction can be a scary prospect. But as most accept, it’s by first acknowledging your issues that you can then confront them. Rehab is known to be one of the most physically and mentally challenging experiences out there; it pushes people to their limits, and during the process of recovery you can feel trapped, questioned and isolated. In order to take the leap and start the process, and also see it through to the end, you need to know what to expect and how to handle it. Here’s how; our 4 IDEAL ways to approach rehab responsibly.


Staying at a rehabilitation centre and receiving addiction treatment means taking some time out of your normal day to day life. This includes a spell away from your job and not seeing your family for a while. For lots of people this can be a real struggle and they tend to feel very anxious about not knowing what is happening on the outside; but this seclusion is vital for reconfiguring your mind and focus. It is important to remember that everybody who is involved in your life will benefit from you taking control of your addiction, so it’s short term pain for long term gain. Anxiety will only make the process more difficult so focus your mind on your new surroundings while you’re there.

Part of the problem when it comes to sticking to your treatment plan is a lack of faith that it will be successful or that it’s the right thing to do. You need to want to recover, recognise the necessity of it, and ultimately have faith that you will. Alcohol and drugs are often used to numb psychological pain, and letting this back in can be scary but know that you will have all the help you need to deal with it and regain control.


Although a treatment plan will be designed for you, you’ll have the ability to give feedback on elements that you feel aren’t working for you. This level of autonomy is a crucial part of the process. Therefore, it’s important to give this feedback, despite the fact that some requests might be overlooked due to your impaired judgement, because it could help make your experience that bit easier.

You might also find it beneficial to converse and advise your peers within the rehab unit. Playing a role in and helping others there can help you to take your mind off your own difficulties. It can be an overwhelming experience and helping people who are in the same boat can give you some perspective. Be prepared to feel a rush of difficult emotions as the intoxicants that have been masking them leave your system; let them filter through and talk everything through with the therapist. Get it all out there and notice the results.


Your days will follow a strict schedule which some find difficult as it is restrictive, but it’s important to embrace this, find comfort in it, and see it as a way to control what you’re going through. Routine can be an incredibly reassuring thing when you’re going through difficult and distress, so embrace it and trust it for the moment.


Rehabilitation is a learning process, so make the most of the resources and support that are not available on the outside. Enlightenment can help you be successful in your recovery for years to come. Another simple way to find comfort during this troubling time is to take a few personal belongings with you, such as photographs, to motivate you to live a better life. Should you be interested in some more advice on the subject, check out our article over here on overcoming addiction.


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