Long after the lithe bodies of Love Island have left our screens, the effects on the public collective consciousness will live on. Yep, that’s receiving all bad news with ‘it is what it is’, donning neon at every available opportunity and more seriously, surviving the enduring impact on our body confidence. Living in a society where mass media is fixated on a narrowly defined image of beauty and the influencers that embody it is damaging. It shouldn’t have to be this way; everyone is different, diverse and equally beautiful.  While many body positivity campaigns have been helping people on their  journey to self-acceptance, there’s still a long way to go. So if you do need to reevaluate your relationship with the mirror then read on; our 4 IDEAL ways to boost your self body-confidence. 


First and foremost, it’s time to curb all of that comparing yourself to others and banish those media-defined ideals of beauty. Easier said than done, we know, but a vital move nonetheless. Instead of going on a diet, do yourself a favour and cut down on the amount of media you’re using. You’ll be amazed at the results.

If you really can’t curb your obsession with social media – and yep, we accept it’s tough – then you could do worse than following some bloggers and Instagram influencers who are paeans to body positivity, promoting self love to perfectly-imperfect women everywhere. So, spend some time cleaning up the people who you follow, removing those who make you feel bad about yourself and instead fill your feed with people who focus on feeling good about yourself, no matter what you look like.


According to some studies (rather counterintuitively), your friends might be making you feel self-conscious. As we’ve all felt, when friends complain about their fat thighs or bulging belly it impacts on you too. Indeed, no doubt you’ll be compelled to tell them about something you don’t like about yourself in response, which threatens to increase worry about an element of your body you’ve been fixating on. 

It’s time to battle this detrimental self-talk. Instead of the ‘fat-talk’, bring in some positivity. Change the conversation; compliment your friends and celebrate your positives. When you’re swapping compliments, also focus on praise relating to character; how kind, brave, or optimistic they are. Create an atmosphere of self-love and surround yourself with body and mental positivity and soon others will follow suit. 


How often have you treated yourself to a massage or spa break? Not very often, we’d wager. Well, it’s time to spend some time pampering yourself – even if it is just from the comfort of your own home. Schedule a little ‘me time’, with haste. Create a skin care routine, and allow yourself to indulge in this pleasurable, sensual moment of looking after your body. Use a deep conditioning hair mask to add some shine and strengthen your hair; soak in a bubble bath with a facemask and read a book; cook yourself a healthy meal, take yourself to the gym; all of which will boost your mood and confidence. Result!

As part of your me-time, make sure you look after your smile. Indeed, the state of our teeth has a big impact on our confidence, so keep them clean and take good care of your gnashers. The more confident you feel about your teeth the more you will smile; positively affecting your mood and that of others around you. You may want to consider braces or dental veneers which can give people amazing smiles and dramatically increase their self-confidence. And while we’re not championing cosmetic dentistry, if it makes you feel better then enough said as far as we’re concerned. 


Did you know that the style of the clothes you put on your body reflect and affect your mood, confidence and self-esteem?  Scientists call this phenomenon “enclothed cognition”.  So, if you’re wearing dull and tired clothes, you’re probably going to feel the same. Moreover, if you’re wearing clothes that don’t fit properly and feel uncomfortable, you’re bound to feel less confident. Life’s too short for uncomfortable clothes. If you have shoes that look good but are agony to wear or a tight skirt that doesn’t leave room for breakfast, it’s time to give them to the charity shop for someone else to actually enjoy. 

When you’re out shopping for new stuff, it’s vital to find the right fit. Don’t worry about the number stitched into the lining; it’s just a guideline which is often inconsistent. Sizing varies from shop to shop, from fashion line to fashion line – in other words, sizing is completely irrelevant. Repeat after us, clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way round. Job done.