When you don’t have a tidy car, you run the risk of losing that joy and making it unpleasant to drive. This is why many people are taking a leaf of our Netflix star Marie Kondo’s book and giving their cars a makeover. Marie Kondo is known for her incredible skills and she has given a lot of guidance on how you can achieve a similar result when it comes to tidying. So with some inspiration from the queen fo clean, here’s 5 IDEAL ways to Marie Kondo your car


The first step to making sure that your car is fit for Marie Kondo is to clean it regularly. You would be surprised at how a simple clean every day can make a massive difference in the long run. Try to clean out any trash at least once a week, especially if you frequently have passengers in there. Trash can be easy to miss so a regular clean will make a lot of difference. 


When you eat in your car; it can be easy to make a lot of mess without even realising it. This is even more likely if you have passengers who eat in your car or you let your kids do it. Not only can leftover food cause crumbs and disgusting smells but it can also encourage creepy crawlies to enter and live in your car. Try to avoid eating and this will help you to keep a tidy car.


Many people like to keep things in the trunk of their car, but this can cause a lot of mess. Whether you have tools, blankets or emergency road kits in there – you need to make sure that it is organised. Try to do this with plastic boxes and a little organisation. Marie Kondo would add a rubber cargo tray to keep everything in place and avoid mess – so why don’t you?


If your car is in disrepair both inside and out, why not consider upgrading it? This doesn’t have to be an expensive task as you can easily find an affordable luxury vehicle that is second hand. When you do decide to replace your car, try to follow Marie Kondo’s method from the first day. This will help you to keep your luxury car intact and spark joy in driving once again.