‘A penny saved is a penny earned’, according to Benjamin Franklin. What with Brexit uncertainty having such a drastic impact on today’s economy, it’s no wonder Brits are tightening their purse strings in preparation for no-deal. People are choosing to be a little more cautious with their disposable income, which includes the act of gift-giving.

But what a sacred act it is. And as such, it would be a tragedy to let money get in the way of a thoughtful and cherished tradition. With birthdays coming round annually (duh), weddings getting ever more costly, and generosity so often considered the marker of good character, it can be hard to keep up financially with present buying. Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the economic burden. These are those; our 4 IDEAL ways to not break the bank when giving gifts.


It can be difficult to manoeuvre through the sea of sales pitches and price promises online but if you’re serious about saving, you do have options there. Gone are the days of clipping and cutting paper coupons with difficult to decipher restrictions and expiration dates. The internet to the rescue here! Never has finding coupons and discounts been so seamless.

WeDoSavings.co.uk, for example, drill down into the deals so you don’t have to. When you enter your preferences and shopping profile, algorithms go to work to find the unique money-saving deals that suit you. While their initial plan is free, if you sign up to their paid-for version at £9.99 per month, you get extra perks including access to an even bigger selection of heavily discounted items, daily deal alerts and a tailored profile of interests based on previous expenditure. Moreover, the paid-for option offers a utility switching service which could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year – or more to spend on gifts. So, if you want to save money with minimal effort, on the products you want, check out we do savings reviews for more information.


A problem shared is a problem halved. And although that’s not a maxim originally aimed at the world of gift-giving, it kinda fits right? Recent years have seen a boom in bill splitting apps, and although this is most traditionally used for that awkward end-of-meal bit where the squares get out their calculators, the software can also be used for sharing the cost of gifts. Some of the best include Splittr, Splitwise and Settle Up. Nope, they don’t all have to begin with an S; Venmo is particularly good for gently reminding a mate how much they owe you. And there’s always one, right?


Each and every one of us has a set of unique skills others are, in part, envious of. Nope, we’re not talking about a ‘party trick’ of turning your eyelids inside out or being able to balance a pint on your head. But rather something a loved one would truly value receiving as a gift.

Let’s go a bit Burning Man on you. Instead of splashing the cash, offer the gift of knowledge or skills. If you’re something of a Masterchef, offer to cook a meal. Should you have serious skills on the sewing machine, make a beautiful item of clothing or pillowcase. Perhaps you’re a DIY don? Fashion a new side table or chair out of reclaimed wood. Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but it’s also a highly personal one with far more sentimental value than a cursory card transaction online. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


With consumers returning £7 billion worth of unwanted stuff each year, most of which wasn’t even needed or asked for in the first place, why not consider diverting some of this huge sum to someone who needs it more? Here’s an idea; give the gift of good karma instead of an item destined to gather dust in the attic. Decluttering is de rigueur, and ‘stuff’ is often more of a curse than a blessing in times when minimalism is in. It needn’t be huge, but a charitable donation will bring positivity all round and improve those lives who need it most.