Ideal for beautifying a room so often associated with function.

Much like lovers and the postman, bathroom trends will come and go. But some fixtures and accessories which are seeing a rather rosy first year of the new decade look likely to stay for its duration and beyond. 

Indeed, today’s homeowners want the best of the best for their bathrooms, and to make modern, trendy spaces that simply ooze relaxation and sophistication, far removed from the functional, fusty bathrooms of yesteryear. 

Particularly if you plan to sell your place at some point in the future, but also for your own well-being, there are several items to bring your bathroom bang up to date. These are those; our 4 bathroom trends for 2020, IDEAL for beautifying a room so often associated with function.


Preparation in the morning notwithstanding, a double sink & mirror vanity ticks all the design boxes and then some. This is fast becoming a highly popular, practical addition to millions of bathrooms across the world, as it makes it simple for two people to shave/brush teeth/apply makeup or do whatever else you get up to in there, all simultaneously and with great convenience. The fact that it can be sociable and intimate is an added bonus, of course.

Some homeowners opt for one large rectangular mirror, while others prefer two separate mirrors above the sinks. The level of compartmentalising you go for is up to you, your budget and the layout of your room. Either way, your double vanity provides one hell of a focal point, and makes the bathroom look even more spacious than it is. It’s also very tidy, as accessories can be hidden away in drawers and cupboards within the vanity, making for an organized space devoid of clutter and full of elegance.


Many readers will use a bath mat or a rug on their bathroom floor so that your feet are warmed and comforted when you step out of the shower or bath. A heated bathroom floor takes things a level or two up in the luxury stakes, providing a climactic end to an already hot and steamy session in the tub. The prices are coming down all the time, too, so it’s no longer something that feels like it’s out of a sci-fi novel. Or at least, a visit to the Kardashian’s gaff. (Sorry Kanye, we don’t want to be treading on your toes, mate, just your floor).

While we’re on the topic, the floor isn’t the only place in your bathroom that could do with some temperature regulation. You look like a smart person (we can see through your webcam), so make a smart choice by adding a thermostatic shower mixer to better control the temperature in your shower. This means there are no horrific sudden scalds of heat or bracing cold changes when someone else in the house turns on a tap or flushes a toilet. Luxury never felt so affordable.


Do you ever get the urge to just completely change the design of your bathroom? Go on, go crazy; adding an accent wall will scratch that itch without the need for a total overhaul. 

Essentially, you deploy one wall with a different colour or material from the other three walls; we’ve all got a lick of paint in us, right? In doing so, you’ve created an accent wall, which stands out and goes against the typical, tired bathroom aesthetic. 

Those with an artistic sensibility might go for brick, mosaic tile or even wood or stone, evocative of the five basic elements and harnessing that sense of zen in a space which really benefits from an injection of feng shui.

Others simply opt for a dark yet confident uniform colour here, and one which contrasts well with the standard white of bathrooms found across the country. We’re particular fans of maroon or charcoal, but if you’re afraid of being that bold, duck egg or even pistachio work well. 


Bright, white lighting is suitable for tasks like brushing your teeth, shaving, or applying makeup, but be honest, do you really want to examine every nook and cranny of your bathroom and yourself under that forensic spotlight? We thought not.

For a relaxing bath or even a bit of quiet time alone on the can, softer tones are essential. Accordingly, adding a dimmer switch is one of the most on trend ways to light a bathroom, with modern design placing ever greater emphasis on r’n’r even in the most utilitarian of settings. That said, there’s nothing less fashionable than a brazen attitude to the climate, so make sure you use an energy-efficient bulb. 

Now, care to invite us round for a soak in your tub?