‘So, let’s start with an icebreaker’. The dreaded opening gambit of the chief commissioner of the organised fun committee at the start of the much maligned team building day out. Though we might be reluctant to participate, we know deep down that such a day can actually be a prudent investment for any company. When pitched right it can unite your staff, give them a common goal, provide some watercooler banter until the next one and, whisper it, actually be rather enjoyable. So, whether you’re looking for a party venue in Leeds, an outdoor space in London or dancefloor in Liverpool, here are our 5 IDEAL activities for corporate events and team building.


For those who are active and agile, and who don’t mind throwing on some shorts and getting a bit hyper (Doris in accounts, we’re looking at you), the introduction of a few blowup rides or bouncy castles can really inject some energy into an event. Obstacle courses and inflatable slides tend to bring out the inner child in even the sternest team member, rendering the first half of the term ‘organised fun’ obsolete. Though there’s not a great deal of strategy or critical thinking involved, sometimes the best corporate events and teambuilding jaunts are those purely designed for letting your hair down and relieving some stress.


If that all sounds a bit too hectic, consider introducing a bit of childhood nostalgia in a different way, by having a theme centred on board games such as Monopoly, Risk or Scrabble. The level of physical exertion is low, yet mental concentration required high, meaning it’s a fairly easy one to organise, as it also doesn’t require a lot of space, hosting or financial outlay. Gentle and slow paced, we know, but for a more thoughtful and introverted team, actually a lot of fun.


Some love to sing in public. Others find it about the most excruciating proposition imaginable. A word of warning, then, with this one; don’t make it compulsory or you’ll have some serious dissenting voices on your hands. In the right hands though, karaoke can be a superbly involved, fun filled way prevent colleagues or staff from losing steam through a long corporate event. And those who’d rather not show off their pipes? Well, they could represent a panel of judges offering feedback and scores. Another caution…as the boss you’ll have to sing; start practicing now!


There’s nothing more effective in illuminating to staff the value of teamwork than introducing a little competitive edge. Team sports, such as five-a-side footy, offer a great opportunity to bond, keep fit and form friendly rivalries which have a long-lasting impact on office harmony. Corporate events which culminate in such a square up offer a useful incentive for people to remain until the end. If made a regular thing (a weekly teambuilding exercise perhaps?) a deep-rooted loyalty within your staff can be developed. After all, who’s going to want to walk out on their job when the big clash with the H.R department is going down next week?


Rather than forcing people to reluctantly engage in organised fun, why not arrange something that will make a positive difference to society instead. After all, work and being the member of a team isn’t all about making money for both yourself and the company, it’s also about giving back. From building community gardens, protecting wildlife, helping out at a farm, renovating community spaces, and revitalising parks and rundown housing estates, there are plenty of outdoor volunteering activities that are ideal for a memorable and rewarding team building trip.