There’s no better time of year than now to take a long hard look at your wardrobe to see whether or not it really expresses your personality to the max. The approaching summer months give you the chance to be a little more free in your clothing choices – to loosen up and really let your inner self shine through. As the weather warms up, it’s time to consign those thick sweaters, jeans and heavy winter coats to the back of the cupboard, and instead opt for something a little more exciting; alternative clothing to reflect this most confident of seasons.

We’ve taken some style inspiration from The Killing Tree, a brand dedicated to bringing beauty and art within easy reach of anyone and everyone. Thanks to their stunning art-inspired range of summer products, it’s never been easier to stay cool when the sun shines. So, here are 5 IDEAL alternative summer fashion statements from the Killing Tree.


There’s no time of the year when a statement T shirt can’t be worn. Whether under a hoodie in the winter or on its own on the warmer days of the British Summer Time, TKT’s tee collections are worth wearing come rain or shine. Created by artists, these prints range from the neat and subtle to the dramatic and eye catching, and everything in between. From striking animal designs to thought provoking images that will turn heads, the Killing Tree’s t-shirt selection has something to suit every taste and express every personality. Even better, every single item comes with a free matching art print so you can not only wear art, you can display it proudly in your home too.


Nothing says summer quite like a vest, and the Killing Tree have a great range of vests for guys and girls wanting to make a bold statement. Whether you opt for the subtlety of a small motif or you prefer a large full-scale print, TKT’s designs have been created by talented artists with their own unique inspirations and designs. Indeed, anything from the Killing Tree’s vest range will keep you cool in more ways than one.


No well-dressed guy or girl would dream of being seen outdoors in the summer months without a pair of signature sunglasses, and TKT makes sure that you won’t be comprising on sun safety while looking stylish thanks to their fully UV protective selection. These are no basic ‘sunnies’ – they feature unique and original artwork by Dale Sarok, a fine art expert, and with their highly illustrative detail, they are much more than just an accessory. The Viperay and Dethray designs are even made by hand, engraved into wood for a 100% individual appearance thanks to the unique grains and oils in the wood itself. There’s no better way to express your own sense of style on the brightest days of the year.


Nobody wants to wear trousers or jeans when the sun comes out, so when the mercury rises it’s time to get those legs out with a pair of TKT shorts. These come in two ranges, each with their own unique style.

Praise the Sun is a collection designed by Tom Gilmour, an artist who regularly works with TKT.  Focusing on intricate line work, his patterns are bold and mesmerising in equal measure.

The Hometown Love collection has been created by Kameeleon, a tattoo artist and illustrator from Manchester. This range features gothic and surrealist concepts for those who love thinking – and dressing – outside the box.