With Coachella kicking off this weekend in California, one thing’s for sure – festival season is officially here!  Whether you’re looking to go all out and spend a couple of days camping and partying away, or opting for a one-day affair, make sure you’re looking and feeling your best.

Celebrity make-up artist, and EcoTools brand ambassador, Justine Jenkins has shared with IDEAL her go-to guide for staying ahead of the pack this festival season – from this year’s biggest beauty trends, to the essentials to pop in your makeup bag.


Glitter is a must have during festival season. The perfect time to mix up your go-to looks, festivals are an ideal occasion to get creative with your makeup. But remember to be kind to the environment, and choose a biodegradable glitter brand like Eco Stardust, as traditional glitter is made from plastic. My two ultimate essentials for applying glitter are either an adhesive gel or a thick balm, along with a small brush. 

Apply the balm or gel wherever you want to sparkle, then dip the tip of the brush into your chosen glitter and apply a little at a time until you reach your desired look. If you want to try an alternative to glitter, use a metallic foil leaf or tiny stars that you can stick on your face and body.


As the recent fashion weeks have shown, neon colours are set to be huge this summer and will work brilliantly for a festival look. Neon oranges, blues, greens and yellows were all over the catwalk, and they look great against sun kissed skin. Whether you’re opting for traditional powder eyeshadows, or UV paints and gels, mix and match the colours for a varied look, with blue on the eyes, and orange on the lips. If you want more of a subtle neon look, try placing one dot of colour in the centre of your lower lash line.


There’s no better time to be big and bold with colour that at a festival. Get creative and use different coloured eyeshadows on your eyelids and lower lash line. Experiment with different colours, and don’t worry too much about matching colours – the idea is that they don’t match at all, so the bolder the better!


Multi-tasking products are always a must at festivals. Using the same product on your lids, cheeks and lips will not only save on time, but also essential outfit space in your bag. A great multi tasker is a natural moisturising lipstick, which you can dab on your cheeks and lips, and smooth on your lids for a glossy, naturally healthy look


Lip tints and oils are one of the biggest beauty trends of 2018, so this festival season, ditch the matte lipsticks and give a bright tint or stain a go instead. As an added benefit, you won’t have to worry about reapplying, as they wear down naturally leaving a lovely flush of colour. They also keep your lips moisturised, leaving them looking glossy and kissable for hours without reapplication.


Be smart at festivals, keep hydrated and always take provisions for all weather, whatever the forecast. SPF is of course essential, and pack a waterproof mascara, or a waterproof coat you can squeeze in your bag in case you get stuck in a downpour. A natural make up setting spray like Lily Lolo Make Up Mist will also keep make up fresh and last longer.


Rachel is the beauty and fashion director at IDEAL. She loves trying new products and is an avid fan of London's fashion, from the high end to the high street.