Have you ever found yourself in the office, walls closing in, staring into space and wishi………Hey. Hey! Do we still have your attention here? Let’s be honest; desk day dreaming isn’t very productive, to work or to getting out there and seeing more of the world. But if the urge is seriously, destabilisingly strong to explore, then have you considered trying to unshackle yourself from the keyboard and mouse combo and finding a job which lets you break free? Here’s a few ideas for inspiration; our 5 IDEAL career options if you’re looking to escape the desk.


The environment is a hot (no pun intended, for this is no laughing matter) topic, and with good reason. Getting involved in action and assisting the cause is needed on so many levels, but on a personal one, any career within the environmental industry will see you spending plenty of time outdoors. What’s more, if you commit to this role with passion, you’ll be giving your all to something beneficial for the planet. Environmentalists come in many forms and can work for many different industries, whether government bodies or non-profit organisations so get out there and ask around. 


Sure, we realise we mentioned exploring ‘the world’ back there, but some people have domestic commitments and as such, would like a job which involves roaming around a little closer to home. That’s fine; becoming a driving instructor is a great option if you like the idea of meeting many different people throughout the day, and you find enjoyment in driving. 

Passing on those well-earned skills to new drivers can be a very valuable and rewarding experience, as well as enabling you to hit the road instead of staying behind a desk. You can check out intensive driving courses if you’ve had a driving license for a number of years and like the idea of teaching in a more hands-on, outdoor environment. 


If your idea of escaping the desk is with full, extreme intensity, becoming a snow sports instructor could be just the ticket (out of here). Perhaps you already have many years’ experience at a particular outdoor activity or sport, such as skiing, snowboarding or ice water sports, and you’re looking to turn your beloved hobby into a career choice. A good idea is to look at resorts or holiday locations where those activities are in demand; just remember that these types of jobs may be seasonal. In other words, you’ll need to fill the low season with something else.


Perhaps there’s a particular area of the world you’re passionate about, of which you hold some esoteric, expert knowledge. Well, you could exploit this knowledge by acting as a tour guide in your chosen location, enabling you to couple other outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking with a few speeches carefully furnished with fascinating facts. In doing so, you’ll never feel like you’re sitting still.


If you’re a strong swimmer and you’re naturally drawn to water, then consider a career that sees you interacting with people and working to save lives in the process. It could be a simple role at a pool, or as a coastal or shore guard, or you could go one step further (and several notches braver) and investigate signing up for a charitable organisation like the Royal National Lifeboat Association (the RNLI) who work tirelessly hard to save the lives of those in trouble at sea every day. Bravo!

If this has only served to make your feet even itchier, then check out these too; our 5 IDEAL ways to find jobs that let you see the world.