Pardon us for uttering the W word as soon as the summer has reached its natural conclusion, but personally, we like to be well prepared for what’s to come. And while it might feel counterintuitive to be filling the coat rack prematurely, such foresight can often lead to bargains and rare finds before everyone else is in a shivering scramble for warmer clothes later down the line. It’s a simple case of supply and demand, right?

Personally, we’re looking forward to layers, scarves and cuddly, snuggly winter warmers. In terms of coats, there are a few timeless classics that will never go out of fashion. With that in mind, here are 5 IDEAL coats for you winter collection.


Channel your inner Paddington bear here. The duffle coat is stylish yet casual, and ideal for those trips to the pub when you’re not sure what the night will turn into. Most come with a removable winter hooded coat, allowing for a little flexibility in ever more unpredictable worldwide weather conditions. An added bonus; the toggles were specifically designed to be easily fastened and unfastened whilst wearing gloves. Try to find one with a high wool percentage, as these can survive rainy conditions with ease.


The collarless coat is as timeless as it comes and enhances any look. A dressier type of wool, this guy matches perfectly with a dress for a truly sophisticated look. This is a great all rounder; as the coat is appropriate for spring but blends seamlessly into winter when paired with a scarf. It’s all in the embellishments here, so accessorise appropriately for best results.


Offering an element of cosy comfort, investing in a jacket with shearling detail will keep you warm right the way through until spring decides to show her beautiful face. Shearling jackets were particularly popular last winter, with jackets featuring collars, sleeves and lining made from shearling or borg material the biggest hitters. Updating the likes of denim and biker jackets, shearling detail can add a wintry aspect to your outfit for AW19.


Sometimes the act of keeping warm but with style and swagger requires a military-like precision in the preparation stage. A military coat, with its funnel neck collar offering the ultimate protection you from the cold and windy weather, is a good way to go. In a season lacking much colour and verve, the traditional green hues can bring a subtle brightening of darker days. Pair with a pencil skirt for a professional look.


A classic design that can’t be overlooked even in the depths of winter, biker jackets are perfect for a more casual, easy approach to winter fashion. For occasions when an oversized coat isn’t necessary, a biker jacket provides just the right amount of style and warmth, and enables a smooth transition from outdoor to in. Often embellished with faux fur collars, or made using suedette material, biker jackets can be both feminine and edgy. With different colours to choose from like pastel pink, grey and tan, you don’t have to go for the classic black; although no one would blame you if you did.